MCC Strategic Plan

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) stands at the forefront of historical changes around the world, changes we have dreamt, prayed, and sacrificed lives to witness. In the words given to us by Rev. Dr. James Forbes (forward to 00:10:35 to begin watching at our Moderator’s introduction) at our twenty-fifth General Conference:

MCC is at “a moment of sublime satisfaction…living long enough, struggling long

enough until the question is finally asked for which you are the answer.”

The Governing Board, in collaboration with the Council of Elders and MCC’s Senior Leadership Team, presents our denomination’s shared vision, dedication, and excellence. Our MCC Strategic Plan (2014-2018) is the roadmap that will carry us through not just the election of our next Moderator, but an era of expanding equality, spiritual growth and international justice in which we believe MCC will play a leadership role.

The Governing Board adopted the plan at the December 2013 meeting, in an enthusiastic and unanimous vote.  It came after several consultations, input from the MCC denominational program officers (Senior Leadership Team), and an open listening period.  We made changes, and it includes updated vision and mission statements, 5 Breakthrough Objectives (Global Growth, Justice, Congregations and Ministries, People, and Finances) and specific priority actions to exemplify our break throughs.  The Strategic Plan has been shared widely, feedback received, and reviewed by the Governing Board.  In October, the Governing Board officially approved an updated version of the Strategic Plan.  Please click here MCC 2014-2018 Strategic Plan October 2014 Update to see the updated Plan.

We are still listening as we implement this in partnership with our churches, ministries, and faith partners.  We would still like to hear from you on the question: Do you see yourself/your church in the plan?   Feel free to write Kareem Murphy, Chair of the Governing Board Strategic Planning Committee, at [email protected]   


2014-2018 Strategic Plan October 2014 Update with Process