One of the core duties of the Governing Board is to position MCC to have worldwide impact on how people of faith approach theology (concepts of God) and how we engage one another, especially people on the margins (justice).  Our current Strategic Plan (2014-2018) is designed to carry us through the next several years.  We use Open Questions to discern that part of the future beyond the Strategic Plan.  Rather than posing questions around specific issues, Open Questions have no specific answers.  Posing them and addressing them are acts of discernment about what MCC should be doing and why/who we should be doing it.  They are inspired by the world of church strategist Dan Hotchkiss in his book, Governance and Ministry.  The Governing Board has periodically used Dan as a consultant.

For 2014, we pose these two open questions:

  • What will it mean to be MCC in 2023?
  • What is our vision of MCC as a culturally diverse, international movement? 

What are Open Questions?

They are questions whose purpose is to channel creating thinking around our future.  Responses to them help point us toward a strategic direction informed/guided by a shared vision.  Questions are open-ended, often difficult to address, and do not necessarily require specific answers.  The Governing Board uses them to live into our organizational role to prepare the denomination to position MCC to take advantage of future opportunities.  Our current strategic plan carries us through 2018.  Who and what must MCC be in the era after that?  The webinar seeks to invite the denomination as our global conversation partners as we tackle our future.


On 8 July 19 2014, the Govenring Board hosted a special webinar to engage the denomination in our Open Questions.  The question/focus were:

  • What will MCC look like in 2025 if we knew we could not fail?  Theologically? Organizationally?  Financially?  Culturally? 

Inspired by the UK show “Any Questions & Any Answers” and MCC’s Weekly Lectionary Call, the webinar featured a panel of 4 guests (Governing Board Members SJ Ramage and Carol Trissle and MCCers Rev. Colleen Foley, Rev. Aaron Miller, and Rev. Candy Holmes) who reflected on the Open Questions.

You can review the webinar (recorded) at:

The written notes from the panelists are below: