The Purpose of the MCC Governing Board’s Policy Handbook is “…to provide comprehensive information concerning and policies associated with the areas overseen by the GB, the areas delegated to other individuals within MCC and the powers reserved by the Governing Board.

The sections contained herein set forth the policies to be employed by the Governing Board and related to the board functions of Governance, Management and Oversight. The focus of the Governing Board will be on its core roles of discernment, strategy and oversight of MCC.

About this document

The MCC Governing Board Policy Handbook documents the guiding Policies for the Governing Board (GB), delegations and powers reserved.

Who should use this document?

  • Governing Board of MCC
  • Moderator of MCC
  • Other Senior Leadership responsible for the operations of MCC

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Ownership and Location

This document is owned and managed by the Governing Board of MCC and is accessible via Governing Board website.

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