The Purpose of the MCC Governing Board’s Policy Handbook is “…to provide comprehensive information concerning and policies associated with the areas overseen by the GB, the areas delegated to other individuals within MCC and the powers reserved by the Governing Board.

The sections contained herein set forth the policies to be employed by the Governing Board and related to the board functions of Governance, Management and Oversight. The focus of the Governing Board will be on its core roles of discernment, strategy and oversight of MCC.

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(Updated: 23 February 2019)

About this document

The MCC Governing Board Policy Handbook documents the guiding Policies for the Governing Board (GB), delegations and powers reserved.

Who should use this document?

  • Governing Board of MCC
  • Moderator of MCC
  • Other Senior Leadership responsible for the operations of MCC

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These documents should be used in conjunction with the MCC Governing Board Policy Handbook:

  • MCC Governing Board Covenant
  • MCC Personnel Handbook
  • Bylaws of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC Bylaws)
  • MCC Governing Board Charter (Addendum 2 of UFMCC Bylaws)

Ownership and Location

This document is owned and managed by the Governing Board of MCC and is accessible via Governing Board website.

Policy Handbook Release History

This section records the history of significant changes to the Policy Handbook with the most recent revision listed first.

ReleaseDateDescription of change
13February 23, 2019Updated Policy 11 to reflect updated transition dates for GB and Mod
12July 05, 2016Updated Policy 26 to include Exempt Funds per GC26 approval
11June 23, 2016Added new Policy 26 for GC Assessment rates per GC25 approval
10April 02, 2016Added new Policy 11 for Governing Board/Moderator transitional dates; Policy 21- Complaints About the Moderator; and update to Policy 6 – Policy 6 – Board Operations and Meetings – added Email motions and Virtual voting.
9January 22, 2015Updates to Section 2 committee rotation and audit verbiage; Policy19-Operating Reserve Management, 22- Investment Policy and Policy 23 – Audit Policy. Included Policy 16- Assessment Payment after approval at 22 Jan 2015 GB meeting.
8October 31, 2013Update to Policy 5. Changed Treasurer’s term limit back to 2 consecutive terms; and added facilitate Moderator’s Performance evaluation to Vice-Chair’s duties by GB motion October 2013; Policy 23 – audit committee – added  word “voting” for clarification. Added new Policy 25- Investment Income Policy.  Policy 14 – clarification that Bylaw Team Chair regarding interpretation per GB meeting April 2012.  Additional cosmetic changes from updated UFMCC Bylaw renumbering from General Conference 2013, clarification that the GB has adopted these policies, as well as updated links to MCC documents.
7May 29, 2013Update to Policy 5.  The Treasurer’s term limits were changed from 2 to 3 consecutive terms by a GB motion August 2012 but mistakenly not updated in the policy handbook.
6May 1, 2013Revision to Policy 12. Modified language in 12.7, 12.9 and added 12.13
5October 16, 2012Revision of Policy 18.  Defined gifts of real estate without conditions (5) and gifts of real estate with conditions (6).
 August 10, 2012Addition of Policies 16, 23, & 24.  Moved Document Retention out of Policy 13 and into Addendum 2
3.1April 15, 2012Reformatted outline & updated TOC
3.0March 10, 2012Addition of Policies 13, 18, 22 & Addendum
2.0March 04, 2011Revisions to V1.1 of December 12, 2010
1.1December 12, 2010Revisions to Draft of September 14, 2010
1.0September 14, 2010Draft with Revisions
1.0August 17, 2010Initial Draft