The Governing Board is that body authorized by the General Conference to carry on the governance of the UFMCC between General Conferences in an orderly manner. The Governing Board is composed of nine persons, four of whom shall be lay persons and four of whom shall be clergypersons plus the Moderator, elected by the General Conference to be responsible for the governance of UFMCC finances and operations and to serve as the corporation’s Board of Directors, having charge of all matters pertaining to Articles of Incorporation, all documents of legal organization, property, and finances of the UFMCC. The Governing Board shall exercise all corporate powers subject to the provisions and limitations of these bylaws and any other applicable laws.

Our Charter
The purpose of the Charter of the Governing Board is to give clarity to board members and to assure transparency and accountability to those who have elected them.

The charter outlines the function, responsibilities, structure and conduct of the board.

Governing Board Charter
Governing Board Charter
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  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Provide proper financial oversight
  • Engage and participate in effective organizational planning
  • Ensure proper risk management
  • Ensure effective management of human resources
  • Communicate with constitutes and other stakeholders
  • Manage board’s internal process
  • Fulfil the board’s role in UFMCC’s Bylaws process
  • Support, assess and provide feedback on the performance of the Moderator
  • Assess and evaluate board performance