MCC’s Governing Board

Rev. Alberto Najera headshot
Rev. Alberto Najera
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher Headshot
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher
Rev. Paul Whiting Headshot
Rev. Paul Whiting
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey Headshot
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey
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Chad Hobbs
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Clare Coughlin
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James Chavis
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Mark Godette

3 September 2021 MCC Governing Board Update from August 2021

30 Jul 2021 MCC Governing Board Update from June and July

20 Jul 2021 Help Us Celebrate and Recruit

8 July 2021 MCC Governing Board 12 May 2021 Meeting Update

22 Apr 2020 April Update from your MCC Governing Board

6 Apr 2020 MCC 2020 Operational Budget January Financial Snapshot Financial Support Webinar

3 Apr 2020 A Letter from your MCC Governing Board

20 Jan 2020 MCC Governing Board January Meeting Update

28 Nov 2019 MCC Governing Board 5th November Meeting: Updates and Financial Snapshot

18 Oct 2019 MCC Governing Board 30th September Meeting Update: Decisions and Financial Snapshot

4 Oct 2019 MCC Moderator Reviews Fellowship Budget and Staffing

19 Sep 2019 MCC Governing Board September Meeting Update: Discussion, Decisions, and Financial Snapshots

16 Sep 2019 A Letter of Healing, Gratitude and Hope for MCC’s Future

25 Jun 2019 UFMCC Finance Committee 2018 Campaign ‘Overwhelmingly Successful’

30 May 2019 Conselho de Governança da ICM Aceitar Renúncia do Moderador Interino

30 May 2019 MCC Governing Board Accepts Interim Moderator Resignation

10 May 2019 MCC Governing Board Updates: Virtual Voting, Finances, Transition Timeline, Listening Webinar

30 Apr 2019 Conselho do Governo Aprova Votação Virtual na Conferência Geral XXVII

30 Apr 2019 Governing Board Approves Virtual Voting at General Conference XXVII

17 Apr 2019 Governing Board Resignations

8 Mar 2019 MCC Governing Board Expands Protocols to Manage Designated Funds

22 Feb 2019 MCC Governing Board Announces General Conference Event for Historic Election

30 Jan 2019 Governing Board Application Period Extended

10 Jan 2019 Carta de fim de ano do Conselho do Governo

10 Jan 2019 Jahresende-Schreiben Des Verwaltungsrats

4 Jan 2019 End of Year Letter from the Governing Board  

The Governing Board meets via conference call the fourth Thursday of every month.

Past meeting minutes are available on the Meeting & Minutes tab above.

You can email the governing board by sending a message to [email protected]

Add Your Voice!

Take a few minutes to add your voice in answering the Governing Board’s two key OPEN questions.

  1. What will it mean to BE MCC in 2023?
  2. What is our vision of MCC as a culturally diverse, international movement?

Check under the “Current Efforts” tab to see our webinar on Open Questions where we heard from MCCs around the world.

La Información en Español

Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre Las Suplentes del Comité de Nominaciones Moderator(a) en español.

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