Governing Board Vacancy Applications Available Now

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The MCC Governing Board is seeking to fill up to three (3) lay and one (1) clergy open positions in accordance with UFMCC Bylaw V.E.5.e.

“VACANCIES:  In the event of a vacancy on the Governing Board, the Governing Board may appoint someone who meets the qualifications to fill the vacancy until the next General Conference, when an election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.”

Persons with strong skills and experience in governance, polity, bylaws, and financial management and fund development are urged to apply.

The term of the appointment is from October 2018 through the 2019 General Conference. Appointed Governing Board members may stand for election following the process established by the Governing Board Nominating Committee.

The appointment process steps and timeline:

16 September 2018                
Applications due to MCC Governing Board Clerk, Rev. Joe Cobb: [email protected]

17-19 September 2018           
Governing Board reviews applications and sets up interviews with select applicants.

20-24 September 2018           
Interviews with select applicants and members of the MCC Governing Board.

25-27 September 2018           
Governing Board review of interviews and selection of appointees.

1 October 2018                       
Applicants receive invitation to accept appointment.

5 October 2018                       
Appointment of new Governing Board members announced.

The appointment process and timeline begins immediately with this invitation.

Rev. Miak Siew, Vice-Chair
Dr. David Williams, Treasurer
Rev. Joe Cobb, Clerk
Rev. Victoria Burson, Governance Chair
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator