Governing Board Update: 30th July Staff & Program Webinar Postponed

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MCC Governing Board Update:

‘Staffing and Programming Webinar’ Postponed
Governing Board Resignations, Staff Resignations and Reductions


The Governing Board is grateful to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. Your questions, concerns, and recommendations regarding MCC’s financial realities and budgetary impacts are appreciated and very helpful.

Thank you for contacting us.

We are engaged in ongoing conversations regarding numerous topics and want to make sure we have a comprehensive perspective on issues raised to provide meaningful and timely responses.

$450,000 USD Cut from Budget

During our regular monthly meeting on 27 July 2018, we confirmed a reduction in our current budget by $450,000 USD. This amount is based on the reality that our current monthly income, which on average year-to-date is $100,000.00 USD, is only meeting payroll. This budget reduction directly impacts staffing and programming.

Staff Resignations and Reductions

This budget reduction and changes in staffing have been communicated with all employees. Over the last two weeks, Rev. Elder Tony Freeman, Barb Crabtree, and Rev. Dr. Lisa Heilig resigned their positions on staff. In addition, Rev. Pressley Sutherland and Janine McCarthy will be leaving their staff positions. We want to thank each member of staff for their thoughtful, creative, and faithful professionalism. Each person leaving has been a gift to MCC as staff and to the wider body.

Monday, 30 July 2018
‘Staffing & Programming Webinar’ POSTPONED.
(new date to be determined)

We have asked that the webinar addressing Staffing and Programming, which was scheduled for Monday, 30 July, be delayed so that full financial information from changes and shifts in staffing and programming can be fully and accurately conveyed.

Governing Board Resignations, Essential Work Continues

In the previous two months, we have received four resignations from the Governing Board: Kimberly Brown, Dr. Mark Dalgleish, Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw and Angel Collie. This leaves five remaining board members. According to MCC Governing Board policies, this is the minimum number with which we can conduct business. We are moving quickly to identify and appoint additional Governing Board members. We are also working diligently to address a substantial volume of workload with a reduced board, while continuing the essential work of the Governing Board Nominating Committee, Moderator Nominating Committee, and Governance Bylaw Committee.

Detailed Governing Board Communication Forthcoming

By week’s end you will receive a detailed communication from us regarding MCC’s current realities, including financial questions and responses, Governing Board vacancies, updates on our current work, and our plans for the ten months ahead in preparation for General Conference.

We are grateful for your prayers and your commitment to MCC.
MCC Governing Board
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator
Rev. Victoria Burson
Rev. Joe Cobb
Rev. Miak Siew
Dr. David Williams