Governing Board Summary for 2021

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2020 Governing Board

Dear Ones:

What a joy it has been serving as your Governing Board. We are so grateful for all the ways you have supported MCC as we moved together towards a healthier financial structure.

It was a hard year for most as the COVID pandemic continued to ravage our planet. We had all hoped that it would have ended by now and it seems that we have a new normal. Our churches have been so creative in how they have continued to be together for worship, Bible studies, get togethers, Pride and more. New hybrid models of worship have emerged which can include a broader understanding of congregation and ministry. We praise you on your inventiveness and tenacity during this time of uncertainty and change.

The Governing Board has learned a lot about working through this difficult time. We have been diligent about continuing to meet and get our work done virtually. We have faced our internal challenges, not with each other, but with our individual lives. Three of us have experienced cancer and the new reality that journey creates. Many of us have experienced loss of family and friends and we have learned to work together in grief. We all continued with our lives as we did this amazing work. One Governing Board Member resigned more recently as he moved to a new place in his life journey and we thank Rev. Paul Whiting for all he did while on the Governing Board and as a pastor.

We have been blessed to work with our Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston who saw healing and strengthening our denomination as her number one priority. She brought staff, Governing Board and Elders into a more collegial and cohesive body.

As we move towards a new way of having a global General Conference, we want you to know that we truly appreciate the ministry of our churches and pastors. We wanted to share a summary of what the Governing Board has been doing for the past year.

In 2021, the Governing Board continued pursuing financial stability and updating policy as it built on prior year successes. Here are some of actions taken:

  • Established Five Strategic Aims for 2021-2025 to guide the work of MCC:
    1.    Spirituality – Clear articulation of our queer, inclusive theology with rites and sacraments that reflect our values
    2.    Presence – Global presence which is locally appropriate and globally robust
    3.    Diversity – Increased integration of diverse people in a holistic and measurable way
    4.    Leadership – Robust recruiting, training and mentoring plans to raise up a new generation of leaders
    5.    Resources – Abundant and appropriate resources that reflect and embody the generosity and creativity of our people
  • Established and funded an Endowment Fund, thanks to the generosity of local churches and individuals. MCC entered into a relationship with Henderson Financial Group to manage MCC’s Investment portfolio with Vanguard and establish an Investment
  • Policy Statement and Investment Committee
  • Started the accrual of operational reserves, achieving initial goal of funding 3+ months
  • Reviewed the MCC Diversity and Inclusion reports produced over the past 10 years, to see which recommendations can still be actioned
  • Received regular reports from the Commission on Pathways of Healing and Reconciliation on its work on racial equity and other issues within MCC
  • Appointed the Communication Commission which is examining how we can communicate more effectively, in multiple ways and languages
  • Extended the time frame, due to the complexity and importance of its work, of the Commission on Rites and Sacraments through the end of General Conference 2025
  • In conjunction with the Council of Elders, established updated criteria for church affiliation
  • Established a joint working group between the Governing Board and the Council of Elders to review and update the MCC Judicial
  • Process, including the appointment of a Judiciary Process Manager, to be the main contact person for the process
  • Adopted a process for revocation of MCC Clergy License to Practice
  • Approved the recommendation from the General Conference staff to hold the 2022 General Conference Business Meeting virtually
  • Approved the Finance Committee’s recommendation of deadlines for assessment payments to be up-to-date by 31st December, 2021 as a requirement for eligibility of voice and vote at General Conference 2022. USA Board of Pensions assessments are also required to be up- to-date
  • Reviewed the UFMCC Human Resources Manual and approved an updated paid time-off policy that includes paid leave for part-time staff
  • Appointed the members of the Governing Board Nominating Committee, who will find candidates to present to the 2022 General Conference

As can be seen through the variety and breadth of the work, your Governing Board has hit its stride providing leadership, oversight and inspiration towards MCC’s overarching goal to transform ourselves as we transform the world, sharing God’s all-inclusive love. We are deep into the policy work and fiscal responsibility work ascertained as our most important tasks in 2021. We are pleased that soon the HR Manual will be completed that will support the MCC staff and update current policies. We are incredibly grateful to the faithfulness of MCC communities across the globe that have generously tithed and contributed towards securing financial stability, all while experiencing the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. The 2022 budget of US$ 947,015.68 was presented for the first reading in December of 2021 and adopted in January 2022. This positions us to enter 2022 with grateful hearts,allowing our minds to focus on what matters for our denomination’s future. (Link here) We also intend to build operational reserves to 6 months.

We applaud the work of preparation for a different way of doing General Conference 2022 and will continue monitoring impacts from COVID as we ensure sound decisions focused on safety.

The Governing Board would like to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers who serve on our Committees, Teams and Commissions. We could not do this without you. You are the heart of our work. Thank you!

The end of 2021 finds us in a very different place than twelve months ago and we are excited for the months ahead! We could have done none of this without your support. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you at MCC’s Global General Conference and the Virtual Business Meeting. Know that you are in our prayers; churches, pastors, chaplains, ministry clergy, retired clergy and all of you, the congregants of MCC. You are the lifeblood of our movement.

May you be blessed and a blessing to others!

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Clerk, on behalf of the Governing Board
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator
Mark Godette, Vice Chair
Chad C. Hobbs, Treasurer
James Chavis
Clare Coughlin
Rev. Alberto Najera
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey

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