Governing Board Prepares for General Conference XXVI

From left: Sarah-Jane Ramage, Vice Chair; Rev. Onetta Brooks, Secretary; Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator; Raquel Benítez-Rojas. (photo by L. Brenner)
From left: Sarah-Jane Ramage, Vice Chair; Rev. Onetta Brooks, Secretary; Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator; Raquel Benítez-Rojas.   (photo by L. Brenner)

In preparation for General Conference, we want to remind everyone, especially the delegates, that the full Moderator’s Report, Governing Board Report, and Financials for the last triennium are posted now (

We also want to share a recording of one of the Holy Conversations on Transition webinars:

These forums have allowed the Moderator and members of MCC’s leadership teams to meet with you to give insight about upcoming transitions and to receive and answer your questions.

This General Conference offers unique historical opportunities including the election of a new Moderator and the presentation of a new Statement of Faith. Delegates will also vote to determine the next clergy and laity Governing Board members.

The transitions that will be inherent with changing leadership are fodder for excitement and anxiety. Each person experiences transition differently. The months prior to the election of a new Moderator have been filled with a spectrum of responses ranging from excitement to fear, concern to confidence. We, as Governing Board members, validate you. These are our own experiences, but we look positively to MCC’s future. We believe in this denomination and look forward to a successful General Conference.

In addition to the reports listed above, we want to clarify and confirm our commitment to being good stewards of MCC’s finances.

  • In 2010 the Governing Board made a firm commitment to live within our means, and to monitor very carefully our income and expenses. We have accomplished that in the last six years, and when necessary, made budget cuts and staffing cuts, all of which we have reported to you on a regular basis. We believe our integrity in these matters speaks for itself. (
  • We have been well served by a Finance Committee throughout, who worked to keep the Governing Board well apprised of issues.
  • All of our Governing Board members, in the last three years, have accepted our regular financial reports unanimously, and have wrestled through and passed a budget each year, including for 2016, which was a unanimous vote.
  • We have completed three audits, 2011 through 2013, and are contracting now for 2014 and 2015.
  • We have invested with the Senior Leadership Team in programs for the health and growth of our existing churches, new church starts, and online learning. We reported regularly on other small key investments, which we believed were more important for revitalization and innovation.
  • As part of our strategic plan work, we increased our financial resources by hiring a Development Director in July 2015 and ensured that the position was funded for a startup period.
  • Decline in income from churches in the United States has been a challenge, which we have managed with our staff. We will be asking the General Conference to support a grassroots conversation on assessments and denominational ministry going forward.

We want you to know that we, as members of the Governing Board, strive to uphold our Covenant and Code of Conduct, which establishes expectations for us including integrity, honesty, accountability, fiscal responsibility, and ultimately service to the Mission of MCC with our lives and our ministry. (

We also commit to transparency, and in doing so, we avoid a public discourse on social media. We want to be available to you and invite you to communicate with us directly. Ask us about our work, our meetings, or about any of the reports for General Conference. Email us at [email protected]net.

As we prepare for General Conference, we will be focused on the best interests for MCC while holding the highest expectations for our denomination, our leaders, and our mission.

We leave you with this prayer:

God, we invite you to be present with MCC churches, pastors, and laity 
throughout the world as we anticipate our General Conference. 
May your Holy Spirit bring us healing and confidence in You. 
Bless us with the gifts of joy and hope. 
So many still need to hear the news of your unconditional love and grace 
and we want to be the stewards of that message. 
We are eager to continue this work 
because all of our endeavors are to honor You.


Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Sarah-Jane Ramage, Vice Chair
Rev. Onetta Brooks, Secretary
Raquel Benítez-Rojas
Rev. Clinton Crawshaw