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For information about the MCC Governing Board, please see: The Governing Board Webpage, the Governing Board Charter, the Governing Board Policy Handbook, and the UFMCC Bylaws.


How many and what positions are open?

There are four positions open, two clergy persons and two lay persons, each for a six-year term.

When do the terms of the current appointed members end?

The members who are serving three-year terms will serve through General Conference 2022. The candidates who are elected at General Conference 2022 will serve through General Conference 2028.

What if I am not fluent in English?

While we encourage applications from those for whom English is not their first language, it is important to note that the business of the Governing Board is conducted in English. Candidates will therefore require a basic fluency in English to participate fully, and might need to seek out additional translation services to support their work.

When does the board meet?

The Governing Board meets virtually on a monthly basis. The board is sensitive to various time zones globally and works to accommodate the schedules of the board members. In addition to the monthly board meeting, additional virtual meetings are held by each committee(s) a board member serves on as determined by the specific committee. Members of the Governing Board are volunteers.

Please see Policy 6, Board Operations and Meetings, from the Governing Board Policy Handbook for more guidance about expectations.

Is there orientation and training of new board members?

Orientation and training is provided. Governing Board members are expected to read the UFMCC Bylaws and Addendums; Governing Board Policy Handbook; and posted minutes from the previous Governing Board meetings and MCC financials. Additional training happens by participating on the various working committees during their term of office.

What if I am a layperson when elected and become clergy during my term?

The term on the Governing Board would end if a lay member becomes clergy. The composition of the number of lay persons and clergy must be observed per UFMCC Bylaws, Article V.E.4: “. . .The Governing Board is composed of nine (9) persons, four (4) of whom shall be lay persons and four (4) of whom shall be clergypersons plus the Moderator . . .”

If clergy, can this be part of my AAA ministry?

Clergy on the Governing Board must have a primary Authorized, Accountable, Active (AAA) ministry, other than the Governing Board, and maintain it throughout their term on the Governing Board.

Are the current appointed Governing Board members allowed to run?

Current appointed Governing Board members are allowed to run for another term.

Email [email protected] to contact the GBNC if you have a question that was not answered above.