1. Is there a financial requirement?

The Governing Board passed a resolution during its August 2015 meeting that each member will contribute a meaningful gift to MCC on an annual basis. Each incoming Governing Board applicant/candidate is encouraged to follow in the spirit of this resolution.

  1. How often does the board meet?

The Governing Board meets on a monthly basis. Most of the meetings are held virtually via Adobe Connect. In addition to the monthly board meeting, additional virtual meetings are held by each committee(s) a board member serves on as determined by the committee. However, twice a year, in March and August, the Governing Board meets in person to conduct MCC business, as schedules and budget permits.

Please read Policy 6 from this document

  1. Where does the board meet? Am I responsible to get there?

The majority of the Governing Board meetings are held virtually for approximately 90 minutes via Adobe Connect. As budget permits, the Governors meet face to face in March and August. Over the past years, the Governing Board has met in various venues in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, just to name a few.  Members of the Governing Board are volunteers.   The MCC budget covers travel expenses or out of pocket expenses for required meetings.  On occasions, some members have graciously chosen to cover their own travel expenses to the semi-annual face to face meetings.

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  1. Is there orientation and training of new board members?

Yes. Governing Board members are expected to read the UFMCC Bylaws and Addendums; Governing Board Policy Handbook;  posted minutes from the previous Governing Board meetings and  MCC financials; as well as, Governance and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership by Dan Hotchkiss.   Additional training happens by participating on the various working committees during their term of office.

  1. What if I am a lay person when elected and become clergy during my term?

Per UFMCC Bylaws, Article V.E.4: … The Governing Board is composed of nine (9) persons, four (4) of whom shall be lay persons and four (4) of whom shall be clergypersons plus the Moderator. This Governing Board composition will be observed.

  1. If clergy, can this be part of my AAA ministry.

Clergy persons on the Governing Board must have a primary Authorized, Accountable, Active (AAA) ministry, other than the Governing Board, and maintain it throughout their term on the Governing Board.

  1. Where is the Governing Board web page?


  1. Is there a Governing Board Policy Handbook?

Yes. https://www.mccchurch.org/governing-board/about/our-policies/

  1. Are the current appointed GB members allowed to run?


  1. Will the currently appointed members complete the terms they were appointed to?

Appointed Governing Board members serve through General Conference 2019

  1. How many and what positions are open? 

There are 8 positions open:
Clergypersons: 2 six-year terms and 2 three-year term
Laypersons: 2 six-year terms and 2 three-year terms

  1. Why are there two different term lengths?

According to UFMCC Bylaws, “The term of office for members of the Governing Board shall be six years”. However, “In the event of a vacancy on the Governing Board, the Governing Board may appoint someone who meets the qualifications to fill the vacancy until the next General Conference, when an election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.”

  1. What determines whether a candidate is elected to a six-year or three-year term?

It is based on the number of votes they receive. Given each candidate must receive greater than 50% in both clergy and lay houses, the six-year term vacant seats are filled first with candidate(s) receiving the highest votes, and then the three-year term seats are filled.

[email protected] to contact the GBNC if you have a question that was not answered above.