Governing Board Extends Apology

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The Governing Board accepts that our email communication of 15 August 2018, sent to worldwide members of MCC, could have led the recipients to assume that our Governing Board as constituted prior to 26 September 2017, was party to the decision to use designated funds for non-designated purposes.
We accept that the use of the designated funds was only notified to the Governing Board after the event when Governors made inquiries as to the amount required to repay these funds.
Because of the ambiguities in our original statement, we therefore apologize unreservedly for any implication that the Governing Board, which included Sarah-Jane Ramage, Rev. Dr. William Knight, Rev. Dr. Stephanie Burns, and other Governors at the time, had been involved in the decision to utilize designated funds.
We also extend our apologies to the former Board of Administration and its members, including Marsha Warren, for any implication that the BOA was involved in spending designated funds for operating expenses. Their work involved creating a new accounting structure based on their review of all accounting systems. As a result of this review, all designated funds were separated and accounted for in a separate bank account. All fund balances were then made whole, establishing a separate account for the designated funds to be accounted for. We apologize for any confusion or implication this has caused.
In our attempt to give historical context regarding designated funds, we failed to accurately reflect the appropriate information.
Again, we extend our apologies to former and current Governing Board members and former Board of Administration members for our error in this matter and appreciate your assistance in providing clarity.
Rev. Miak Siew, Vice-Chair
Dr. David Williams, Treasurer
Rev. Joe Cobb, Clerk
Rev. Victoria Burson, Governance Chair
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator