Clergy Candidates

Rev. Alberto Nájera
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher
Rev. Kenny Callaghan
Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey
Rev. Paul Whiting

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Lay Candidates

Chad Hobbs
Clare Coughlin
James Chavis
Mark Godette
Stan Kimer

Read lay candidate bios here

Governing Board Nominating Committee joyfully presents the 2019 slate of candidates for the MCC Governing Board.

In the next month, candidate videos will be made available.When we meet this July, the General Conference will elect four clergy persons and four lay persons. The two clergy candidates and two lay candidates who receive the highest vote totals will be elected to full six-year terms. The next two candidates from each house will be elected to three-year terms.

If you have any questions about the nominating process or the upcoming election, please contact the GBNC at [email protected]


Governing Board Nominating Committee
Rev. Tijuana Gray, Chair
Léo Rosetti
Terry White