Governing Board Calls for Virtual General Conference

Announcement of Virtual General Conference Regarding Contributions to the UFMCC US Pension Plan

The MCC Governing Board has called for a Virtual General Conference at the request of the MCC Board of Pensions, USA to vote on a change of the church assessment rate for contributions to the US MCC Pension Plan. The vote will be: 7 June 2017. Please see the complete timeline below.

Our current MCC Bylaws (effective 5 July 2016) stipulate that the General Conference has the only authority to set the assessment rate. This is why, while the MCC US Pension Plan only impacts US churches and clergy serving or have served in US settings, the entire General Conference is required to vote to enact recommended changes. The Governing Board is aware that currently there are not MCC provided options for retirement benefits for our clergy outside the US, and we remain committed to exploring feasible options.

Since the inception of the MCC Pension Plan in 1984, the assessment for each MCC affiliated Congregation has not changed from its current level of $0.75 USD per member, per month, paid quarterly. Had the Pension assessment kept pace with inflation over the past 33 years, the current assessment would be $1.72 USD.

The Motion:
The General Conference, as empowered by Bylaw Article IX, section D, votes:

That each MCC affiliated congregation in the United States provide investment contributions to the MCC Pension Plan according to the following schedule:

2018 — $1.00 USD, per member, per month
2019 — $1.25 USD, per member, per month
2020 — $1.50 USD, per member, per month
2021 — $1.75 USD, per member, per month

Thereafter, beginning in 2025, the rate of investment will be adjusted every 5 years, up or down, based on inflation or deflation of the US Dollar.

Each local church will increase their payment by $0.25 USD per year beginning in 2018. In 2021, the monthly per member assessment will reach $1.75 USD. Thereafter, the assessment will be periodically adjusted, up or down, with inflation. If this measure is approved, each local church should plan to budget accordingly.

There is no impact to finances on a denominational level as UFMCC does not contribute to the US Pension Plan as a denomination.

A “Yes” Vote: Will help to maintain the solvency of the US Pension Plan and allow MCC churches the opportunity to offer this benefit to our current and future clergy.

A “No” Vote: Will leave the plan vulnerable as our denomination adds clergy and as a large segment of our clergy become eligible for retirement. This vulnerability will increase if US churches continue to decline and / or in the event of a market downturn.

Important Dates

12 May 2017: Invitations sent to registered & eligible Clergy & Lay Delegates via Survey Monkey

Note: All churches that were eligible to vote at General Conference 2016 are considered eligible to vote on this proposal. All Clergy eligible to vote at General Conference 2016 and all clergy that have been ordained since General Conference 2016 are eligible to vote.

Information Webinar: 23 May 2017
9 a.m. EST / 13:00 GMT; German and English
11 a.m. EST / 15:00 GMT; Portuguese and Spanish
Please register for webinar here:

7 June 2017, 9 a.m. EST / 13:00 GMT: Virtual Vote via Survey Monkey
(48 hour window to vote)

UFMCC Bylaws (As of 5 July 2016)

D. BOARD OF PENSIONS ASSESSMENTS: Each local church administrative body in the USA shall report quarterly the number of members in good standing for each month within every quarter and shall remit the Board of Pensions assessment as set by General Conference. Report and remittance are due to the Board of Pensions on or before the tenth (10th) day of the month following the quarter reported.

Important Links

Voting Registration:

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MCC Board of Pensions * [email protected]
Learn more about the rate increase online:

MCC Governing Board
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator; Sarah-Jane Ramage, Vice-Chairperson; Kimberly Brown, Treasurer; Rev. Joe Cobb, Clerk; Rev. Dr. Stephanie Burns, Angel Collie, Dr. Mark Dalgleish, Rev. Jakob Hero, Rev. Dr. William Hubbard Knight.

MCC Board of Pensions USA
Rev. Tom Emmett, President; Keith Thompson, Vice-President; Tony Somora, Treasurer; Jeremiah Nelson, Clerk; Rev. DeWayne Davis, Rev. Alycia Erickson, Rev. Wesley Mullins, Frieda Smith, Tammy Erwin, Plan Administrator