Good News and Notes

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Good News and Notes

For most people around the world, 2020 was a challenging year in many ways. Still, there was Good News waiting to be shared and celebrated. For this first issue of “Good News and Notes,” we will look back at a few of those Good News stories from around the MCC world.

In the face of adjusting to a global pandemic, you have done amazing ministry! May your impact be multiplied in 2021.

We want to share in your Good News. Send your short stories to [email protected]

MCC Kampala

MCC Kampala (Uganda) celebrated World AIDS Day with education and sharing valuable resources.

Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota, Florida, USA), sister church to MCC Kampala, received news coverage for their work with HIV/AIDS and financial support of this work with MCC Kampala. It is wonderful to see beneficial partnerships with emerging churches.
Rev. Denis Iraguha – Chaplain, MCC Kampala
Rev. Lillie Brock – Senior Pastor, Church of the Trinity MCC
Wendy LaChaunce – Partner Church Liaison

Spirit of Hope MCC (Kansas City, Missouri, USA), also partnered with Wendy LaChaunce, Church of the Trinity, and MCC Kampala, to provide funds for 5 children so that they can attend school (approximately $600 per child for tuition, clothing, supplies, etc.).

ICM BrazilICM in BrazilRev. Alexya Salvador
Despite COVID and dengue fever, ICM / MCC in Brazil continues to grow and receive media coverage. Here’s an interview with Rev. Francisco of ICM Fortaleza and the Conselho Nacional de Igrejas Cristas do Brasil (the ecumenical church council).

Rev. Alexya Salvador was featured in a number of articles including gracing the cover of a magazine!

MCC BrisbaneMCC Brisbane, Australia

MCC Brisbane baptized and welcomed 5 new members! They have been holding a blended service of some people on site and others online. MCC Brisbane also received a government grant using $4,000 to upgrade their technology to better include and integrate their online and in-person congregations.

MCC – You Fed the Hungry in 2020!

ICM São Paulo fed and cared for sex workers and others not assisted by the government.

MCC Omaha‘s Food Pantry (Nebraska, USA)
“We are serving 2-3 times the numbers of people than before! We get most of our food from 2 Walmart stores in addition to the Food Bank of the Heartland.
We also get donations from our church members, neighbors and friends. The Imperial Court of Nebraska helps us with food drives and cash donations!

Table of Hope MCC, formerly MCC Wichita, (Kansas, USA) gave out food to 1,500 – 1,700 families each week!

Imago Dei MCC (Aston, Pennsylvannia, USA) established the Delco Food Project

MCC Wichita Falls (Texas, USA) “This is the tiny church that could,” Mel Martinez, church pastor, said. “We have provided food for 10 times the size of our congregation.”

Joy MCC, (Orlando, FL, USA) In 2020, Joy’s Food Pantry fed 5,160 Families or approximately 20,940 individuals!

MCC Knoxville (Tennessee, USA) received $3,500 from local grocery chain Food City for their Deacon’s Food Pantry.

MCC of the Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA) provided $13,945 in grocery store gift cards since the start of the pandemic in mid-March, 2020.

St. Jude'sSt. Jude’s MCC, (Wilmington, South Carolina, USA) Community Food Pantry provided groceries to feed 60-80 families each week! Their Lunch Bag Angels served over 100 homeless people twice a week! One week the lunch bags were prepared by their youngest members.

MCC in the ValleyMCC-UCC in the Valley (California, USA) in partnership with Brighton Hall Academy in Burbank and LA Community Fridges, placed a refrigerator and cabinet filled with food outside on their property. People are free to come at any time to donate food items or, if they need it, to take free food. Students assisted with painting the fridge and storage cabinet and with keeping it clean, sorted and up-to-date.

Rev. Fernando Frontan (Uruguay)
In the Basilica Our Lady of the Rosary in Paysandu, Uruguay, a Catholic priest and an openly gay protestant from ICM, together blessed the union in Marriage of Matias Lope and Florence Garcia. A sign of hope that surpass doctrinal prejudice prioritizing unity in God’s love and grace.

Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw (USA)
Rev. Jakob was one of “10,000 Portraits of Queer America.” Read about it in the Advocate.

Rev. Dr. Ngeo, Boon Lin (USA)
Rev. Boon recently had his book “Gay is OK” (published in 2013) banned in Malaysia. Boon says, “As an MCCer, I am proud to have written a book that is deemed to be ‘dangerous’ and I am thrilled to be a ‘trouble maker’.”

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson (USA)
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson recently participated in a meeting with the Faith Director for President-Elect Biden’s transition team. She was asked to provide insight and information on the LGBTQ community and what is needed to support faith within the family of God’s people.


PPPUSA Churches: If you received Payment Protection Plan Loan (PPP) and saw a 25% decline in income between comparable quarters in 2019 and 2020, you may be eligible for another loan/grant. Ask your bank.

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