Global LGBTQ Christian Denomination Makes Pilgrimage to Pulse

If we sing our protest songs and share our art, we can make a difference.”

Moderator-Elect, Rev Elder Cecilia Eggleston,
Metropolitan Community Churches

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) members from around the world will visit Pulse in Orlando, Florida, USA, today as part of a pilgrimage to remember the victims of the largest mass shooting of LGBTQ community.

Moderator-elect Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston said, “Gun violence is a disease, a cancer that spreads around the world and infects the unlikely people. We know in MCC, a small group of people can change the world. Don’t go from here lost. Go from here sure. If we take one gun off the street, if we sing our protest songs and share our art, we can make a difference.”

MCC’s Council of Elders offered a prayer on the third anniversary of Pulse in June. “Although we are still asking why, we ask that rather give us 49 things that we can do differently in our families, our communities, in our congregations, in our countries to subvert the lack of love and to change oppression. Today as we cry more than 49 times, we ask you to open our mouths to carry your message of radical love and forgiveness. May revenge never find a nest in our actions.”

Over 750 people attended the triennial General Conference in Orlando, 1-5 July 2019. The Hilton Orlando, 6001 Destination Parkway, served as the conference hotel for denominational business, workshops, and worship.

As part of the Business Meeting on 2 July 2019, for the first time in MCC’s 50-year history, the delegates selected a non-US resident as the next global leader, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, who resides in the UK. Rev. Elder Eggleston will be installed as the next moderator today during morning worship, 10:15am-12:15pm. The pilgrimage will leave the hotel by bus at 1:00 pm to travel to Pulse. Over 100 people are expected to participate.