The purpose of the Moderator’s Global Justice Team of Metropolitan Community Churches is to be an agent of change by building bridges that liberate and unite voices of sacred defiance.  While transforming history, we seek to live the Good News of the Gospel.  We are called to reflect the promise of God’s blessings for all people and offer leadership from the margins of the world, working to end oppression by instigating, inspiring, and participating in acts of justice.

-We will foster a new era of engagement in global justice through strategic partnerships:
1. Peace and Justice partners
2. LGBTQ partners
3. Leadership Education and Global Justice partners
4. Local church and regional partners in social justice


  • MCC assists in establishing LGBT Mosques
  • MCC Social Justice Council – Members from many/all nations
  • 75% of MCCs engaged in social justice projects
  • Lay and clergy training – how to do social justice work; Global Justice at Intensive
  • Global Justice Center with staff – training
  • 20 new leaders in 4 countries
  • LGBT issues on the table at every HR gathering
  • LGBT in anti-violence/hate crimes– legislation globally
  • Dialogue with Roman Catholic and Orthodox community
  • Minimum of 20% annual increase in financial resources (money, people); New MCC development person
  • Training – sociological reading of reality and worship that connects these realities
  • Directory (and access to) LGBT organizations
  • Network of centers and/or churches in at least 20 more countries
  • Virtual church in > 4 languages
  • Public statements in official languages
  • Catalog of multi-lingual resources
  • Global “capitals” of Global Justice training resources
  • Representatives in all major HR organizations