Ghanian legislation does not deserve church support

For Immediate Release:
Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

That an apparent majority of churches in Ghana is backing a bill to further criminalize homosexuality and ban advocacy organizations is an abomination, the leader of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) said.
“We are all beloved children of God, and that includes all LGBTQ people,” said Rev. Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. “It is profoundly disturbing that Christian churches in Ghana are supporting this bill, which will endanger lives and cause great harm, both to LGBT people and to their families.”
Ghanaian parliament is considering a bill called the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill.  According to backers of the legislation, the Ghanaian religious community is supporting the bill’s passage.
The bill even includes a “duty to report” clause, obligating citizens to report homosexual conduct or advocacy to the government.
“That any true Christians would support this oppressive measure is anathema to our faith,” Eggleston said. “Jesus was the savior of all – including LGBTQ people – and He would never have embraced such a Draconian law.”


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