MCC’s Generous in Faith program began in 2007 and encourages congregations to give voluntarily above our minimum tithe percentage level, to support selected ministries. Our churches give “generously in faith” toward ministry areas of particular interest to that congregation.

The Generous in Faith Impact

Click here to download the Generous in Faith slideshow in Microsoft Powerpoint.

2012 Generosity

In 2012, 40 churches continue to give Generous in Faith contributions with percentages ranging from 12.75% up to 15%!

Since its inception, churches that participate in the Generous in Faith program have raised more than $200,000 in additional funds for ministries, touching millions of people around the world.

Our 2013 Campaign

In January 2013, the minimum percentage will be reduced once again to 12.0% (from 15% in 2005).  MCC churches have a new opportunity to act generously in faith.  We are stronger together!

Your church can begin or increase your level of participation in the Generous in Faith campaign, simply by continuing to tithe at the minimum level and allocating an additional ½%, 1%, 2% or more to those ministries where your congregation feels most called.

Our ministry priorities in 2013 will continue our focus on building our ministry capacity, continuing to improve our communications, strengthening our churches and emerging ministries, and continuing to focus on leadership development, including development of young adults.

How to Participate

If you are a member of a local MCC congregation and are interested in encouraging your church to participate in Generous in Faith, talk to your pastor or board about the possibilities for your church.  Church leaders, we hope you will prayerfully consider a 2013 pledge to the Generous in Faith campaign of Metropolitan Community Churches.

MCC welcomes generous donations from churches as well as individuals. If you are an individual and would like to contribute to MCC’s ministry click here to find out more about the Moderator’s Circle.

Church Leaders – let us know about your church’s plans!

Thank You!

We offer thanks to all churches who have participated in the Generous in Faith campaign since 2007. Our 2012 campaign was invaluable in our impact around the globe. For 2013, we look forward to sharing with you the effects of your generosity toward justice and the gospel of radical inclusion.

2012 Generous in Faith Churches!


Agape MCC Ft. Worth US-TX
Angels of Hope MCC Green Bay US-WI
Celebration MCC Naples US-FL
Church of Our Savior MCC Boynton Beach US-FL
CRAVE MCC Christchurch Christchurch NZ
Emerald City MCC Seattle US-WA
FirstCoast MCC St. Augustine US-FL
Good Samaritan MCC Whittier US-CA
Holy Covenant MCC Brookfield US-IL
Imago Dei MCC Gradeyville US-PA
Journey MCC Birmingham UK-GB
King of Peace MCC St. Petersburg US-FL
MCC Albuquerque Albuquerque US-NM
MCC Auckland Auckland NZ
MCC Brisbane Brisbane AU-QLD
MCC Charleston Charleston US-SC
MCC Family In Christ Ft. Collins US-CO
MCC Good Shepherd Granville AU-NSW
MCC Lubbock Lubbock US-TX
MCC Melbourne Melbourne AU-VIC
MCC Montana Great Falls US-MT
MCC Newcastle Newcastle UK-GB
MCC Ocala Ocala US-FL
MCC of New Orleans New Orleans US-LA
MCC of Paducah Paducah US-KY
MCC of Topeka Topeka US-KS
MCC San Antonio San Antonio US-TX
MCC South London London UK-GB
MCC Sydney Sydney AU-NSW
Milwaukee MCC Milwaukee US-WI
New Light MCC Hagerstown US-MD
New Spirit MCC Cincinnati US-OH
Open Circle at the Villages MCC Oxford US-FL
Redeemer MCC Flint US-MI
St Jude’s MCC Wilmington US-NC
SunCoast Cathedral MCC Venice US-FL
Treasure Valley MCC Garden City US-ID
Trinity MCC (TX) Arlington US-TX
Wichita Falls MCC Wichita Falls US-TX