General Conference 2022 AUSTIN +

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General Conference 2022 Austin +


General Conference 2022

A New Kind of Conference
Join us! 4-8 July 2022

We are planning a multi-site experience for General Conference with one main host site in the USA and other mini-sites around the world. We are grateful for this opportunity to innovate and grateful to have some really fabulous people who are ready to take on such an imaginative project.

That said, we are excited to announce that our main host location will be the beautiful city of Austin in the State of Texas, USA! Austin is the home of the Southern music scene and has a vibrant culture perfect for us. It is also the home to upRising – a church without walls, our MCC host church, and neighbor to Sanctuary in the Woods.

We are calling our next conference Austin + (plus) to reflect our main site in Austin and our satellite conferences elsewhere. We invite you to take part in this historic conference and make plans to join us 4-8 July 2022!

As we are in the midst of a pandemic, we also have many questions about how the pandemic might affect General Conference. We will continue to think through many plans to ensure conference will be a time of hope, celebration, and momentum in whatever shape or shapes it takes on!

Why are we still going to Austin? Before our last conference in Orlando, we signed a contract with the brand new Fairmont Austin. Since, we have been working with the hotel to reduce our commitment in support of the many voices at General Conference 2019 who were seeking a new way for the business of MCC and our global gathering to be shaped. In addition, a Commission on General Conference has been established that will look at what we can do to systemically change beyond 2022. Learn more about the Commission here.

At this point in our planning, we have more questions than answers and invite you to get involved!

Get Involved!Get Involved

We are beginning to think about our teams for General Conference 2022, so if you are interested in serving with us as we experiment, innovate, and build an exciting, engaging global gathering, let us know!

Send an email to [email protected] and we will schedule a time to talk with you to mutually discern a great fit on the right team.

Get Involved!

Start Budgeting

As you begin planning your 2021 and 2022 budgets, we want to give you some projections of costs for this conference. We recommend that you budget two thirds of your anticipated conference costs in your 2021 budget and one third in your 2022 budget.

Because life is so uncertain right now, we will not be opening up registration in January 2021 as we usually do. Instead registration will open in July of 2021, a year before the next scheduled General Conference to be held 5-8 July 2022.

We anticipate the Promo Rate to be (starting July 2021):
US/Canada: $350
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $275
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $175
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $45

Regular rate (after August of 2021):
US/Canada: $450
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $300
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $200
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $50

We will have satellite rates, day rates, online-only rates, volunteer rates etc., but it’s simply too early to project those right now in our current situation.

We will be staying at the fabulous, brand-new Fairmont Austin where the room rate is $169/night plus a 15% tax (don’t forget to use your tax exempt status to not pay this!)

Please note that everything is subject to change because of COVID. This brief announcement is just to help as you estimate your costs and plan your budgets.

Stay in Contact With Us: [email protected]