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Metropolitan Community Churches proclaims and practices a spirituality that is anchored in the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ and confronts the issues of our volatile, uncertain, and complex world.

We are called to develop and equip leaders, congregations, and ministries that foster spiritual growth, do the work of justice, act with compassion, and integrate sexuality and spirituality.

We will do this through offering high-value training, local church support and resourcing, cutting edge theological exploration, and expanding partnerships.



Metropolitan Community
Churches is compelled

by an unfinished calling
and a prophetic destiny.

We are a global movement
of spiritually and sexually
diverse people

who are fully awake
to God’s enduring love.

Following the example
of Jesus and empowered
by the Spirit,
we seek to build
church communities
that demand, proclaim,
and do justice in the world.




We Are Stronger Together

As marriage equality is making unprecedented strides, and human rights challenges are growing every day, we know that MCC’s message of the unconditional love of God and our life-giving ministry is needed more than ever.

Building on our record-breaking global General Conference in Chicago last year, we are laser-focused on efforts to amplify our impact globally and ensure that our spiritual message of hope and justice lives on in our diverse people and communities.

Some of our investments this year include:

• Research and strategic planning for a powerful, new virtual presence for MCC around the world in partnership with our churches.

• Equipping and training leaders for a new era in church starts globally,  including opportunities in the U.S. and Hispanic North America.

• Implementing an Online Learning Center for MCC congregations and leaders worldwide.

• Training Clergy Wellness coaches to support our clergy and their families.

• Ramping up our work through the Global Justice Institute to support activists and victims of violence and discrimination.

• Bringing our Lay Leadership Training program (LEAD: Laity Empowered for Active Discipleship) to the Philippines and other new locations.

But what matters are the stories of redemption
and hope that are the continuous narrative
of MCC since our founding days.

We recently held our first REVM–a clergy retreat for those becoming MCC clergy–in Estonia. The event served people from all over Eastern Europe and Russia, and Rev. Elder Mona West tells the story of a young man from Russia. “[He] was so overwhelmed by the experience of consecrating communion for the first time as a lay person and a gay man . . . that he started crying on the plane ride home, hoping people near him did not think him crazy.”

People are paying an incredible price for their activism and their spiritual leadership, and MCC is there, encouraging, supporting, and equipping leaders for the present and future.


MCC New York, where our Global Justice Institute is housed, happily reported that a Ugandan refugee the church had been helping got his work permit, and two young men who had to flee from Jamaica were granted asylum!
On May 20th, Pennsylvania became the 19th state in the U.S. to recognize marriage equality for same sex couples. Rev. Janice Bowker, pastor of Imago Dei MCC, married Jim, age 76, and Chuck, age 82, who have been together for 35 years, in a small ceremony after church on May 25th, among the first in their state to take advantage of this law.
Rev. Gordon McCoy, of Chicago, tells of performing the first same sex wedding in a nursing home in Cook County, Illinois–with tears of joy!I am so proud of the resilience and perseverance of MCC members, leaders, and churches through all the ups and downs of a challenging global economy.  You have proven over and over to me that the power of the grace of God is always being renewed in us.In June, I had the honor to participate in the World Pride Human Rights Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, reaching out to activists around the world, with Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, to share our 21st Century Gospel of a Jesus who is with us as we seek justice and offer radical love and inclusion.


Rev. Elder Mona West, PhD., Director of MCC’s Office of Formation and Leadership Development, facilitated the REVM Program (Readiness for Entering Vocational Ministry) in Estonia in May 2014. In addition, Rev. West said this program became a powerful connection for activists and spiritual leaders. Some in the photo protected their identity by facing away from the camera because their safety would be threatened. MCC Staff include Florin Buhuceanu, kneeling front row, far left; Rev. West, standing, middle row right; Rev. Jim Mulcahy, back row, far right.

There are four things you can do today to help us move forward in faith together–any one of which would bless me and those who are still needing love, justice, and community today:

Thank you for helping us change lives and history every day!

Grace and Peace,

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Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

Global Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches