Focus – March 2021

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Focus NewsMarch, 2021


features stories about specific local ministries from Metropolitan Community Churches around the world.



  • Hot Meals and a Serving of Compassion
  • A Witness for Love and Justice
  • COVID Shuts Down Church – NOT!
  • Cristo Ama Mis Colores
  • Open Doors Lead Us In New Directions
  • MCC Hurricane Disaster Response

Hot Meals and a Serving of CompassionMCC Marikina

MCC Marikina organized relief efforts in five waves that began on November 11, 2020 after the typhoon hit and continued through mid-December.

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Rochester ProtestA Witness for Love and Justice

I have stood silently – one night for more than an hour – with a young black man who simply remained motionless, staring at riot geared police behind barricades, looking upon the faces of his oppressors in the relative safety of a crowd.

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COVID Shuts Down Church – NOT!Redeemer MCC

Humbly, we offered these hand written expressions of God’s love to the residents of a long term care facility. We are not sure who was blessed more, the writers or the recipients.

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ICM SomosCristo Ama Mis Colores

In November 2020, ICM Somos, our church in Matanzas, Cuba, led by Rev. Elaine Saralegui, launched a successful campaign to fight back against LGBTphobia. The name of the campaign is “Cristo Ama Mis Colores”

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Open Doors Lead Us in New DirectionsOpen Door MCC Building

Some doors never really close. Through their faithful legacy, Open Door MCC remains open in new and expanding ways.

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MCC Hurricane ResponseMCC Hurricane Response

The weekend of October 24-25, MCC members and friends gathered together in Vinton, Louisiana, USA, to serve alongside this community that had been severely impacted by more than one hurricane this season.

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