First Gathering of Hispanic Ministries Network – A Resounding Success

See this news story on the event:


Thanks to all of you we had a fantastic First Gathering of Hispanic Ministries Network, with among other things, 32 participants, more than what we are expecting!!!!

Let me share this story with you. Three weeks after the event, there were just three people registered, I was concerned and thinking: we should cancel the meeting.  With a lot of faith our Elder Héctor said me “please be confident, we will succeed”.  These are some of the signs of these success:

32 participants (among them pastor and lay leaders eager to have information to plant  Hispanic ministries in their context)

Powerful presentations: MCC Hispanic Ministries History, Vision of future, analysis of demographic data, Bible study, analysis  of relationship of power and our ministries, presentation of “We are family” campaign of Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Powerful worship and preaching – We had three marvellous worship, with good representation of our diversity and listened an excellent reflection  (sermon) about inclusion.

Covered by the local press – Thanks to the excellent work of Ann, the event was covered by two media, public had the opportunity to listen about this ministry thru diverse MCC voices.

Participation and integration of Resurrection MCC – RMCC were not only host but active and committed participants in the event.  Friday evening  more than 20 members of the congregation joined us during the presentation  “We are family” and received with joy all participants of the First Gathering during the two Sunday worship services.

How this could happen? : “Team working and faith”.

Thanks Hector, for your vision and faith

Thanks Rev. Vicky for your unconditional  support in all logistical thing of the event

Thanks, Rev. Troy for your generosity

Thanks, Rev Michael, for your support organizing the event.

Thanks, Kay for helping us with the registration process, (the collaboration between programs is effective.)

Thanks Revs. Edgard, Rachelle, Jorge, Elder Larry, Christian Castro for your excellent presentations.

Thanks, Robert ,  Bridgett and Mark, faces and bodies of  RMCC’s hospitality and kindness

Thanks Rev. Alejandro, Brian and Rev.Jorge for your support as  interpreters.

Thanks Rev. Alejandro for creative worship moments and Rev. Edgard for the excellent and inspiring sermon.

Thanks to our Elders and to Rev. Tony Freeman, for believe in this ministry putting all their enthusiasm and all their resources available to make this possible.

People left the activity with great expectancy and hope and Hispanic Ministry founders embraced the whole event with tears and laughter; maybe God is calling MCC into new fields, new adventures… and we are ready!




Rev. Margarita Sánchez  De León