MCC Launches 2012 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign
October Observance Celebrates MCC’s 44th Anniversary!
“We are stronger together,” says MCC Moderator. 


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Every year during the month of October, MCCers around the world observeFellowship Sunday, celebrating the anniversary of MCC’s founding in 1968.

And this year we’ll celebrate as never before!

In fact, we’re preparing a special resource kit titled 10Creative Ways toCelebrateFellowship Sunday,” filled with news releases, articles, prayers, announcements and events to help your congregation celebrate MCC’s 44th birthday!

This year’s Fellowship Sunday theme is “We Are Stronger Together!” It’s a powerful reminder of the freedom, joy and strength we experience when we worship together, serve our communities together, and when we join hands together to fulfill God’s calling in the world.

Here’s something else that is true for all of us: We are stronger when we celebrate together!

How Will the Fellowship Sunday Offerings Be Used?

Each year, your Fellowship Sunday Offerings are invested into programs and ministries that honor our past while helping to prepare MCC for a bold future.

This year these offerings, in alignment with our Governing Board’s goals, will focus on three projects that are easily remembered with the acronym A-B-C:

Additional General Conference Programming
__— Training and education opportunities for all MCCers

Brand Marketing Campaign for Local Churches
__— Sharing your church’s message with the world

Church Starts
__— Establishing new churches for new MCCers in new locations

Here’s How You Can Lead The Way

I am counting on your church to help us fulfill MCC’s God-given destiny through your participation in the  2012 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign. Your church’s  support is so vital to this year’s denomination-wide campaign. We are stronger together!

Won’t you write to me this week at FellowshipSunda[email protected] and let me know you’ll help lead the way by participating in this year’s Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign to honor the founding of Metropolitan Community Churches?

When you write, I’ll be honored to include your church’s and pastor’s names as 2012 Fellowship Sunday Pacesetters.

The 2012 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign is a wonderful way for your church to celebrate MCC’s 44th birthday!

We are stronger together,
Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson
MCC Moderator
[email protected]


Local Church Resources for the
2012 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign

The following resources are from the 2012 Fellowship Sunday Resource Kit,  10Creative Ways toCelebrate Fellowship Sunday,” — a local church resource kit filled with news releases, articles, prayers, announcements and events to help your congregation celebrate MCC’s 44th birthday and Rev. Nancy Wilson’s 40th anniversary of ministry within MCC! An e-mail version of the resource kit is available by writing to [email protected].


WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER – Resources for Fellowship Sunday 2012


  1. Participate by Receiving a Fellowship Sunday Offering
    __— We Are Stronger When We Give Together!
  2. Send a Fellowship Sunday New Release to Your Local Press  Click to Download Resource
    __— We Are Stronger When We Share Our Ministry with Our Community!
  3. Print MCC’s Fellowship Sunday News Article in Your Church Newsletter  Click to Download Resource
    __We Are Stronger When We Share News Together!
  4. Prepare a Video to Honor Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson’s 40th Anniversary of Ministry
    __— We Are Stronger When We Celebrate Together!
  5. Invite Your Members to Send 40th Anniversary Cards to Rev. Dr. Wilson
    __— We Are Stronger When We Express Thanks Together!
  6. Observe Fellowship Sunday by Promoting General Conference 25 – visit
    __— We Are Stronger When We Gather Together!
  7. Share Highlights of MCC’s 44 Years of Ministry with Your Congregation – Click to Download Resource
    __— We Are Stronger When We Remember Our History Together!
  8. Invite Your Congregants to Sign-Up for MCC’s Newsletter – subscribe at
    __— We Are Stronger When We Stay Informed Together!
  9. Use This Year’s Fellowship Sunday Prayer in Your Worship – Click to Download Resource
    __— We Are Stronger When We Pray Together!
  10. Explore MCC’s New Branding and Marketing Program
    __— We Are Stronger When We Build MCC Together!

2012 Fellowship Sunday Offering Pacesetter Churches (in alphabetical order)

          aChurch4me MCC (Chicago, IL, USA) – Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Pastor

Agape MCC (Fort Worth, TX, USA) – Rev. David Wynn, Pastor

All God’s Children MCC (Minneapolis, MN, USA) – Rev. Kevin Downer, Pastor

Celebration MCC (Naples, FL, USA) – Rev. Stephanie Burns, Pastor

Central Texas MCC (Waco, TX, USA) – Rev. Charley Garrison, Pastor

Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota, FL, USA) – Rev. Charles Tigard, Pastor

Cornerstone MCC (Mobile, AL, USA) – Sandy O’Steen, P/T Interim Pastoral Leader

Emerald City MCC (Seattle, WA, USA) – Kimberly Brown, Interim Pastoral Leader

First MCC of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA, USA) – Rev. T. Paul Graetz, Pastor

First MCC of Kansas (Wichita, USA) – Rev. Jackie Carter, Pastor

FirstCoast MCC (St. Augustine, FL, USA) – Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell, Pastor

Gentle Shepherd MCC (Tallahassee, FL USA) – Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Pastor

Heartland Community MCC (Springfield, IL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Tony Thieman-Somora, Pastor

Holy Covenant MCC (Brookfield, IL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, Pastor

Holy Cross MCC (Pensacola, FL, USA) – Rev. Rick Sosbe, Pastor

Imago Dei MCC (Glen Mills, PA, USA) – Rev. Janice Bowker, Interim Pastor

Joy MCC (Orlando, FL, USA) – Rev. Terri Steed, Pastor

King of Peace MCC (St. Petersburg, FL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Pastor

Living Faith Community Church (FL, USA) – Rev. John Ransom, Pastor

Living Springs MCC (Bath, England) – Rev. Kieren Bourne, Pastor

MCC Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM, USA) – Rev. Judith L. Maynard, Pastor

MCC Amarillo (Amarillo, TX, USA) – Rev. Bernie Barbour, Pastor

MCC Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) – Rev. Keith Mozingo, Pastor

MCC Boston (Boston, MA, USA) – Open Pulpit

MCC Brighton (Brighton, England) – Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Interim Pastor

MCC Brisbane (Brisbane, Australia) – Rev. Leigh Neighbour, Pastor

MCC Charleston (Charleston, SC, USA) – Rev. Lorraine Brock, Pastor

MCC Elizabethtown (Elizabethtown, KY, USA) – Rev. Cathy Porter, Pastor

MCC Hartford (Hartford, CT, USA) – Rev. Aaron L. Miller, Pastor

MCC Key West (Key West, FL, USA) – Rev. Steve Torrence, Pastor

MCC Knoxville (Knoxville, TN, USA) – Rev. Jill Sizemore, Pastor

MCC Lubbock (Lubbock, TX, USA) – Rev. Renae Phillips, Pastor

MCC Marikina (Marikina, Philippines) – Jason Masaganda, Pastoral Leader

MCC Newcastle (Newcastle, England) – Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Pastor

MCC of Greater Saint Louis (St. Louis, MO, USA) – Rev. Pressley Sutherland, Interim Pastor

MCC of Northern Virginia (Fairfax, VA, USA) – Rev. Onetta Brooks, Interim Pastor

MCC of Our Redeemer (Augusta, GA, USA) – Rev. Lisa Heilig, Interim Pastor

MCC of the Blue Ridge (Roanoke, VA, USA) – Rev. Joe Cobb, Pastor

MCC of the Good Shepherd (Granville, NSW, Australia) – Rev. Robert Clark, Pastor

MCC of the Palm Beaches (Palm Beach, FL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Lea Brown, Pastor

MCC of the Spirit (Harrisburg, PA, USA) – Rev. Lori Rivera, Pastor

MCC of the Quad Cities (Davenport, IA, USA) – Rev. Rich Hendricks, Pastor

MCC Paducah (Paducah, KY, USA) – Steve Wheeler, Clerk

MCC Portland (Portland OR, USA) – Rev. Nathan Meckley, Pastor

MCC Topeka (Topeka, KS, USA) – Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell, Pastor

MCC Richmond (Richmond, VA, USA) – Rev. Robin Gorsline, Pastor

MCC Sacred Journey (Hendersonville, NC, USA) – Rev. Jane Nelson, Pastor

MCC San Antonio (San Antonio, TX, USA) – Rev. Mick Hinson, Pastor

MCC Sydney (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – Rev. Greg Smith, Pastor

MCC Topeka (Topeka, KS, USA) – Rev. Carol Trissell, Pastor

MCC Washington DC (Washington DC, USA) – Rev. Dwayne Johnson, Pastor

MCC Winston Salem (Winston Salem, NC, USA) – Rev. Ron LaRocque, Pastor

New Creation MCC (Columbus, OH, USA) – Rev. Margaret Hawke, Pastor

New Light MCC (Hagerstown, MD, USA) – Rev. Michael Hydes, Pastor

New Spirit MCC (Cincinnati, OH, USA) – Open Pulpit

Open Arms MCC (Rochester, NY, USA) – Rev. Tom Decker, Visiting Pastor from MCC Toronto

Open Circle MCC (The Villages, FL, USA) – Rev. Carol Chambers, Pastor

Open Door MCC (Boyds, MD, USA) – Rev. Miller Hoffman, Pastor

Peninsula MCC (San Mateo, CA, USA) – Rev. Terri Echelbarger

River of Life MCC (Dorchester, England) – Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Pastor

River of Life MCC (Kennewick, WA, USA) – Rev. Janet Pierce, Pastor

SunCoast Cathedral MCC (Venice, FL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy, Pastor

Sunshine Cathedral MCC (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Pastor

Trinity MCC (Arlington, TX, USA) – Curtis Smith, Pastoral Leader

Trinity MCC of Gainesville (Gainesville, FL, USA) – Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, Pastor

Wichita Falls MCC (Wichita Falls, TX, USA) – Rev. Mel Martinez, Pastor


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UFMCC is a 501(c)3 Religious Organization. Contributions or gifts to Metropolitan Community Churches are tax deductible as charitable contributions.