Fellowship Sunday 2010 is October 10th – Become a Pacesetter Today!

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Fellowship Sunday 2010
Become a Pacesetter Today!

Dear MCC Pastors,

October 10th is Fellowship Sunday! Every Fellowship Sunday is a sacred event.  It provides us with a time each year to look back to our founding and be amazed once again by the leaders God raised up

Click here to view Rev. Nancy's Fellowship Sunday Video!
Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

among us so many years ago that gave life to our movement.

Today, new and renewed leaders are being raised up again. With you, I can hardly imagine what God has in store for us, but I am convinced that this call to a renewal of leadership is preparing MCC for a renewal of mission and purpose in our world.

The special offering this Fellowship Sunday will be received and dedicated to programs that nourish, develop and motivate you and other current and emerging leaders of our movement and ministries. The overwhelming response to Size Summits, our Leadership Retreats, REVMs, Interim Ministry Training, Network leaders’ gatherings, the work of the Office for Formation and Leadership Development, as well as the workshops and trainings at General Conference…all of this has convinced me that the Spirit is powerfully on the move among us, preparing the way.

Please let me know if you will join the list of mighty Pacesetter Churches and receive a special offering on (or near) October 10, 2010 in support of all our work in the year ahead that support lay and clergy leaders in MCC.  Click here to sign up and let me know that you will be supporting Fellowship Sunday 2010!

Also, a special video message, PowerPoint presentation and bulletin inserts are being prepared. You will receive a letter with a link to these resources for Fellowship Sunday by September 20th.

Thank you for all you do to support programs and resources for this vital work.

I wish you and your congregation every blessing this Fellowship Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

+ Nancy

Rev. Nancy Wilson

Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches