EMERGE – Issue 5

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ISSUE 5 – JUNE 2014


EMERGE— to come forth into view, as from concealment; to become evident; to come forth from obscurity; to arise

Rev. Elder Darlene Garner

Rev. Elder Darlene Garner



Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez

Associate Director

 Rev. Vickey Gibbs

Rev. Vickey Gibbs

Curriculum Specialist


Shannon Young

Confidential Assistant to Rev. Garner

Rev. C. Margarita Sanchez De Leon, Program Coordinator for Iberoamerica

Rev. C. Margarita Sanchez De Leon

Program Coordinator for Iberoamerica

 Rev. Rachelle Brown, Emerging Church Specialist

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown

Emerging Church Specialist

Rev. Cristiano Valerio, Brazil Coordinator

Rev. Cristiano Valerio

Brazil Coordinator


Rev. Jim Mulcahy

Eastern Europe Coordinator


Welcome to the Emerge, the newsletter of the Office of Emerging Ministries (OEM). MCC wants our churches and global movement to be well equipped to minister in a rapidly changing, culturally-diverse world.


In this issue:

Emerging Ministries Invitation

In the News

Emerging Ministries News

2014 People of African Descent Conference Highlights

Good News

Young Adult Gathering


Rev. Steve Pieters

Rev. Steve Pieters, longtime MCC clergy, HIV/AIDS activist, and long-term survivor, did an internet radio station interview on 14 March. It was the first media interview that he had done in a long time. His friend Alison Arngrim (who played Nellie Oleson on the TV show Little House on the Prairie) joined him for the interview. The host Sheena Metal is quite gifted at helping people relate their stories. Steve says, “We talked mostly about living with AIDS in the 80s, but we actually managed to have some fun in doing so. Listen particularly for my Medical Anomaly song towards the end of the show!” The archived link for the interview is https://www.latalkradio.com/archives/Sheena-031414.mp3. Fast forward to 1:06:00 for the interview.


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Emerging Ministries Invitation

Calling all clergy, chaplains, or lay leaders to help create what will Be MCC in the 21st century! People in many places around the world are yearning to Be MCC. There is plenty of room to live into the broad vision of what it is to be “Church” in the name of MCC. New churches are being planned and new works are emerging around the globe. Where do you feel called to serve?

The Office of Emerging Ministries is actively speaking in many languages, going to different places, and working in NEW ways to intentionally and strategically create and support new churches. The “MCC Emerging Church Program” provides three pathways for the creation of emerging churches. An Emerging Church can be sponsored by a local church, an MCC Network, or by the denomination.  There is a comprehensive system of support for lay and clergy leaders who are willing to lead an Emerging Church.  If you feel called to help begin a new MCC Emerging Church, please contact Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Emerging Church Specialist at [email protected].


Emerging Church News

On 22 January 2014, our office announced the authorization of a new emerging church in Auckland, New Zealand led by Emily Worman.  This ministry is called Church in Progress MCC. To find out more about them, check out their blog, https://church-in-progress.blogspot.co.nz/2014/01/be-mcc-yes-please.html or write to Emily Worman.

crystalRev. Elder Darlene Garner was in Winchester VA on Sunday 27 April to present the 2014 MCC New Church Start award to Shenandoah Valley MCC and to install their new Pastor, the Rev. Gail Minnick. Over 75 people attended.  An article about this event appeared in the Winchester Star eEdition.

On 7 May 2014, our office granted authorization of Internationale Roze Kerk MCC to be an emerging church.   It is located in The Hague, The Netherlands and the founding pastor is Rev. Barbara Rogoski. If you would like more information about this church send an email to [email protected].




Boa notícia! ¡Buenas noticias! Good News!

El Instituto “Darlene Garner “de Formación del Liderazgo Iberoamericano, es un proyecto de la Oficina para el Desarrollo del Liderato  y de la Red Iberoamericana de las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana. El Instituto ofrece: un certificado de pastor laico/laica, un certificado de requerimiento mínimos conducente a la ordenación en ICM, educación continua para pastores ICM y estudios libres. Los idiomas del Instituto son español y portugués.  Los profesores recibirán las tareas en ambos idiomas y además intentaremos colocar las lecturas en ambos idiomas. Si usted no está en Iberoamérica pero sirve a la comunidad hispana en los Estados Unidos o Canadá, el Instituto es también su recurso educativo.

En este enlace encontrará la oferta complete.

O Instituto “Darlene Garner”   de Treinamento de Liderança  Iberoamericana é um projeto do Gabinete do Desenvolvimento de Liderança e da Rede Iberoamericana das Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana. O Instituto oferece um certificado de pastor leigo,  um certificado de requisito mínimo para a ordenação em ICM, a educação continuada para os pastores ICM e estudo independente. As línguas do Instituto são o Espanhol e Português. Os professores receberão tarefas em ambas as línguas e também  haverá leituras em ambas as línguas. Se você não estiver na Iberoamérica, mas serve a comunidade hispânica nos Estados Unidos ou no Canadá, o Instituto também é o seu recurso educacional.

Neste link você vai encontrar as ofertas acadêmicas de 2014.

The “Darlene Garner”  Institute for Ibero-American Leadership Formation  is a project of the   Office of Formation and Leadership Development and  of the Ibero-American Network. The Institute offers a certificate of  lay pastor,  a certificate of minimum requirement for ordination in ICM, continuing education for  MCC pastors and independent study. The languages of the Institute are Spanish and Portuguese. Professors will receive tasks in both languages and there will also be readings in both languages. If you are not in Ibero-America but serve the Hispanic community in the United States or Canada, the Institute is also your educational resource.

In this link you will find the academic offerings of 2014.



The 2014 MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends, and Allies (PAD) , rocked Atlanta, GA with over 160 attendees from throughout the US and Canada. We learned, laughed and danced! The PAD theme was Be the Change. Conference programming provided powerful speakers who challenged and inspired attendees with their thought provoking and hope-filled messages to “be the change the world is waiting for.”


Amazing worship is always central to the PAD Conference. This year, the conference began with an electrifying opening worship featuring guest speaker Rev. Dr. Kenneth Samuel the Victory for the World Mighty Men’s Chorus, and the Voices of PAD Choir. Each morning there was dynamic worship and speakers – Rev. Carolyn Mobley and Rev. Mykal Slack. Friday worship was revival night with Bishop Tonyia Rawls. PAD ended on a high note with a celebration in art and song, that included rousing music from Bishop Yvette Flunder, sermonic prose from Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, and a rapping sending forth message from Rev. Elder Darlene Garner. Yes. She rapped!


The PAD Conference was made possible because of the collective efforts of many people.  Rev. Dr. Paul Graetz and First MCC of Atlanta (the host church) provided incredible southern hospitality. A special word of thanks goes out to Rev. Candy Holmes (Planning Chair) and the PAD Planning Team who created an exceptional PAD Conference experience. The PAD Conference within MCC and in the larger faith community is always an experience that leaves many wanting to take resources home with them. We are delighted to provide PAD Conference information and resources online. Here you will find the conference program book, 2011-2014 PAD awards and accomplishments, videos of global greetings with translations, worship and programming resources. Video recordings of plenaries and worship will soon be posted online as well.