Educators were right to strike, church leader says

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The leader of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) says the educators of John Fisher School in Croydon, in south London, are to be commended for striking yesterday after the local Catholic Diocese dismissed the entire Board of Governors for refusing to rescind a speaking invitation to a gay author.

According to multiple news reports, the Diocese recommended that the school uninvite author Simon James Green, who was due to speak at the school and whose books include LGBT characters. When the school’s Governor’s refused, the Diocese ejected all the Governors from their positions. Teachers and students protested.

“It’s an utter tragedy that any Christian denomination would wish to eliminate mention of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons,” said Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of MCC churches worldwide. “Heterosexuals need to know that LGBT people exist, and LGBT youth need to see themselves represented in literature, art and film – not to mention in media, government, and elsewhere in society. We stand firmly with the National Education Union and with the students and faculty of John Fisher School.”

MCC has 140 churches worldwide, and welcomes, affirms and ordains LGBT people.