Metropolitan Community Churches and The Fellowship
are pleased to announce the birth of The Global Justice Institute

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Dear MCC Friend:

I’ve heard it for more than 40 years, wherever I have traveled around the world.

What joy to have been a part of the original 12 worshipers who launched the global MCC movement! 

Some folks say it so passionately
Others say it almost reverently
They always say it so earnestly
“I wish I could have been present at the birth of MCC.”
Maybe you’ve even thought it…

What if I told you that you’ve been given a God-given opportunity to help birth a new international organization — an opportunity to be present and participate in the birth of an institute that will extend MCC’s ministry in our world and promote God’s justice in places where it is urgently, desperately needed?

What if you knew that 20 years or 40 years from today, people would still be talking about your church, your ministry, your role in helping birth MCC’s Global Justice Institute in 2012?

Today marks the official launch of a vitally important MCC tradition: our annual MCC Easter Offering for Global Justice. Each year at this holy season, local congregations throughout MCC join hearts and hands to receive a special, designated Easter offering to strategically advance MCC’s global justice ministry.

Together, we have accomplished so much through MCC’s past Easter Offering for Global Justice campaigns. Yet I’ve never been so excited and enthused by the possibilities as I am about this year’s Easter project!

(And what we’ve accomplished together is nothing short of miraculous! Together, we’ve supported our brothers and sisters across Eastern Europe as they made historic advances for religious freedom and human rights. We’ve joined hands with MCCers across Central and Latin America as they trained a new generation of spiritual leaders. You have helped plant indigenous ministries in Southeast Asia that are challenging injustice and intolerance, and your gifts continue to provide support for lesbian and transgender communities in Pakistan. You helped underwrite the first LGBT conference in Russia and publish the first book about LGBT spiritual rights in the Russian language. You helped create safe space for Ugandans, who face daily threats to freedom and life. And you made it possible for MCC to boldly march in the first-ever gay rights marches in such places as Jamaica and Romania. The list of firsts is extensive and amazing!)

This Easter — during this holy season of new life — you can participate in the birth of MCC’s Global Justice Institute, which for generations to come will serve as the umbrella organization for our movement’s justice ministries around the world.

Just as there are major expenses when a baby is born into the world, there are also extra expenses in the birthing of MCC’s new Global Justice Institute. (By the way, the spiritual perspective reminds us that, in both cases, the required funds are not really expenses — they are investments in a new life!)


What the Global Justice Institute will do:

  • Serve as an umbrella organization to efficiently and most effectively carry out the social justice ministries to which MCC has been committed since our earliest days.
  • Create a safe space for spiritual activists who are fighting homophobia and transphobia.
  • Effect societal change through a three-pronged strategy of theological reconciliation, economic development and positive press coverage for LGBT peoples.
  • Serve as a joint ministry of MCC and The Fellowship, the Global Justice Institute will provide solidarity and support where people are still marginalized and persecuted.
  • Speak truth to power and will add our voices and resources to those of people who seek justice, freedom and equality.
  • Carry out its work while embodying the core values, mission and principles of MCC.
  • Create partnerships with indigenous groups and human rights organizations to achieve its objectives.
  • Build on what you and I have already accomplished in Pakistan, Uganda, Eastern Europe, Jamaica, Asia and so many other places.


Accordingly, I am announcing today that our 2012 denominational goal is to raise a minimum of $40,000 USD through special, designated local church Easter offerings, to be invested in birthing MCC’s Global Justice Institute.

The Global Justice Institute is a joint project of MCC and The Fellowship, and I’m so pleased that the churches of The Fellowship are also receiving an Easter Offering for Global Justice this year! I loved Bishop Yvette Flunder’s recent comment, “We’re partnering in the Easter Offering Campaign because justice work is Jesus’ work. Whenever we stand with the oppressed, the marginalized, the rejected, the persecuted, we stand with Jesus and we minister to Jesus.”

Here’s my invitation to your church:


I’m inviting your church to participate
in this wonderful MCC tradition
by receiving a special offering for
MCC’s Global Justice Institute
on Easter Sunday!

When your church notifies me that you will participate in the 2012 Easter Offering for Global Justice, we’ll add your church, along with the name of your pastor, to this year’s list of MCC Pacesetter Churches — churches that are “setting the pace” for MCC’s vital international justice ministries. (Scroll down this page to see list of our pacesetter churches)

(If for any reason your church cannot participate on Easter Sunday, why not participate another way? Some churches are designating offerings from Good Friday services, Sunrise services or Easter concerts, or funds from yard sales, bake sales, and the sale of Easter lilies, and through the use of special collection jars. Why not participate through one of these creative, alternative ways?)

Here’s how your church can sign-up… to participate in the 2012 Easter Offering for Global Justice and be listed as a 2012 Pacesetter Church:

  1. Write to me at [email protected] and let me know that your church will receive a special, designated 2012 Easter offering or receive funds in one of the alternative ways.
  2. When you write to me, be sure to include the following information: church name, city, province or state, country, pastor’s name, and the date your church will receive its Easter offering.
  3. Share this news with your congregation – and especially remember MCC’s justice ministries in prayer during worship services leading up to Easter Sunday.
  4. Look for more news and details — along with resources, photos, promotional materials, congregational prayers and bulletin inserts — coming soon!

This Easter season, you and your church can make a profound difference in our world through MCC’s 2012 Easter Offering for Global Justice.

And this is the reality:

For many people on this earth
whose faces we have not yet seen
and whose names we do not yet know,
your congregation’s response will be an answer
to their heart’s deepest prayer,
“the substance of things deeply longed for;
the evidence of things that have not yet appeared.”

May I look for your response this week?

Grace and peace,
Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson
Metropolitan Community Churches
[email protected]

P.S. As I’ve thought about this year’s MCC Easter Offering for Global Justice Campaign and prayed for the needs of MCCers around the world, I’ve been inspired by this verse from God’s Word: “Do not despise the day of small beginnings…for the eyes of God that range over the whole earth will rejoice!” (Zechariah 4:10). In 1968, so many people missed the opportunity to attend MCC’s very first worship service in the home of Rev. Troy Perry — a “day of small beginnings.” But each of us has the opportunity to participate in the birth of MCC’s Global Justice Institute during this 2012 Easter season –“and the eyes of God that range over the whole earth will rejoice!”

P.P.S. When you write to me at [email protected] and let me know of your church’s participation in MCC’s denominational Easter Offering, we’ll promptly add you to the list of 2012 Pacesetter Churches that are leading the way in support of MCC’s global ministries.


How to Participate

Participation is as easy as one-two-three! MCC’s Easter Offering is taken in by our participating local church communities. We will update the list of participating churches on this page as time progresses.

Local Churches…

If you are a leader in a local church, follow these steps to particpate!

Contact your pastor and board of directors to affirm your church’s participation in the 2011 Easter Offering. (Let us know you will be participating by emailing us at [email protected]. DON’T FORGET to include your church name, city and state/province, and pastor name!)

    • Decide on the date(s) on which your offering will be taken up and collect your church’s contribution.
    • Send your offering in to MCC! (Make sure to note “Easter Offering” on your check!)
    • Send to: Metropolitan Community Churches | MCC Easter Offering | PO Box 50488, Sarasota, Forida 34232
    • Local churches will receive updates and resources as part of their participation.


If you are interested in giving to the Easter Offering, but are not a member of a participating local MCC church, you can still participate! MCC utilizes the low-cost donation options at PayPal to receive donations online. You may donate online now or utilize our participating Pacesetter churches to give to this year’s causes.

Donate online: make a donation with PayPal by clicking the button below.


MCC Pacesetter Churches

MCC churches that are “setting the pace” for MCC’s vital international justice ministries.

1. Agape MCC (Fort Worth, Texas) – Rev. David Wynn, Sr., Pastor

2. All God’s Children MCC (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Rev. Kevin Downer, Interim Pastor

3. Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota, Florida) – Rev. Charles Tigard, Pastor

4. City of Refuge Tijuana Church(Mexico) – Rev. Tony Manriquez, Pastor

5. First MCC (Atlanta, Georgia) – Rev. Paul Graetz, Pastor

6. FirstCoast MCC (St. Augustine, Florida) – Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell, Pastor

7. Heartland Community MCC(Springfield, Illinois) – Rev. Dr. Tony Thieman-Somora, Pastor

8. Holy Covenant MCC (Brookfield, Illinois) – Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, Pastor

9. Holy Cross MCC (Pensacola, Florida) – Open Pulpit

10. Imago Dei MCC (Pennsylvania) – Rev. Janice Bowker, Interim Pastor

11. Joy MCC (Orlando, Florida) – Rev. Lisa Heilig, Interim Pastor

12. King of Peace MCC (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Pastor

13. LAI Sanctuary of Praise (New York, New York) – Elder Stacey Latimer, Pastor

14. Living Springs MCC (Bath, England) – Rev. Kieren Bourne, Pastor

15. MCC Baltimore (Maryland) – Rev. Y. M. Dozier, Interim Pastor

16. MCC Brighton (England) – Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Interim Pastor

17. MCC Christ the Liberator (Highland Park, New Jersey) – Rev. Dr. Tom Bohache, Pastor

18. MCC Corpus Christi (Texas) – Open Pulpit

19. MCC Elizabethtown (Kentucky) – Rev. Cathy Porter, Pastor

20. MCC Governing Board, Senior Leadership Team and Staff

21. MCC Knoxville (Tennessee) – Rev. Jill Sizemore, Pastor

22. MCC Los Angeles (California) – Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas, Pastor

23. MCC Lubbock (Texas) – Rev. Renae Phillips, Pastor

24. MCC Newcastle (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England) – Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Pastor

25. MCC NOVA (Fairfax, Virginia) – Open Pulpit

26. MCC Ocala (Florida) – Rev. Vicki Miller, Interim Pastor

27. MCC of Albuquerque (New Mexico) – Rev. Judith Maynard, Pastor

28. MCC of Baton Rouge (Louisiana) – Rev. Keith Mozingo, Pastor

29. MCC of Boston (Massachusetts) – Open Pulpit

30. MCC of Charlotte (North Carolina) – Rev. Catherine Houchins, Pastor

31. MCC of Greater St. Louis (Missouri) – Rev. Dr. Carol Trissel, Pastor

32. MCC of New Orleans (Louisiana) – Rev. Rick Sosbe, Pastor

33. MCC of New York (New York) – Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Pastor

34. MCC of Paducah (Kentucky) – Rev. Lillian Ferguson, Pastor

35. MCC of San Antonio (Texas) – Rev. Mick Hinson, Pastor

36. MCC of the Blue Ridge (Roanoke, Virginia) – Rev. Joe Cobb, Pastor

37. MCC of the Spirit (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) – Rev. Lori Rivera, Pastor

38. MCC of Topeka (Kansas) – Rev. Carol Trissell, Consulting Pastor

39. MCC of Winston-Salem (North Carolina) – Rev. Ron LaRocque, Pastor

40. MCC Rehoboth (Delaware) – Rev. K’Lynne McKinley, Pastor

41. MCC Richmond (Virginia) – Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline, Pastor

42. MCC Sacred Journey (Hendersonville, North Carolina) – Rev. Jane Nelson, Pastor

43. MCC San Diego (California) – Rev. Dan Koeshall, Pastor

44. New Creation MCC (Columbus, Ohio) – Rev. Margaret Hawk, Pastor

45. New Spirit MCC (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Open Pulpit

46. Open Arms MCC (Rochester, New York) – Rev. Jim Mulcahy, Pastor

47. Open Circle at The Villages MCC (Florida) – Rev. Carol Rawlings-Chambers, Pastor

48. Open Door MCC (Boyds, Maryland) – Rev. Miller Hoffman, Pastor

49. Peninsula MCC (San Mateo, California) – Rev. Terri Echelbarger, Pastor

50. Resurrection Beach MCC (Costa Mesa, California) – Ty Bradley, Interim Pastoral Leader

51. River of Life MCC (Dorchester, England) – Rev Catherine Dearlove, Pastor

52. River of Life MCC (Kennewick, Washington) – Rev. Janet Pierce, Pastor

53. St. John the Apostle MCC (Fort Myers, Florida) – Rev. Steve Filizzi, Pastor

54. St. Jude’s MCC (Wilmington, North Carolina) – Rev. John McLaughlin, Pastor

55. SunCoast Cathedral MCC (Venice, Florida) – Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy, Pastor

56. Sunshine Cathedral MCC (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) – Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Pastor

57. Trinity MCC (Arlington, Texas) – Curtis Smith, Pastoral Leader

58. Trinity MCC of Gainesville (Florida) – Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, Pastor

59. Valley Ministries MCC (Stockton, California) – Rev. Terri Miller, Pastor

60. Wichita Falls MCC (Texas) – Rev. Mel Martinez, Pastor