Easter Offering 2010 – It’s Not Too Late To Become Pacesetter Church! Sign Up Today!

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Metropolitan Community Churches
Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.


Sign Up For The 2010 Easter Offering And Become A Pacesetter Church TODAY! 

Dear Friends:


It is that time of year!

We know that MCCers are always generous, even in challenging economic times.

We hope that your church will consider taking a love offering, and give people the opportunity to do two important things this year:

1)    To support our growing Global justice ministry – on the front lines in places like Kenya and Malawi, where young men are in prison just for participating in same-gender weddings! Where our people in Uganda reach out for spiritual and moral support as they fight the fight of their lives against unjust laws aimed at putting lgbt people to death or in prison for life. Where lesbians in Pakistan flee arranged marriages, and an MCC scholarship fund gives them a chance to live and work independently; where we continue to support Jamaicans as they challenge the violence against our community in that country. As new communities of faith emerge in Eastern Europe; as our church in Santo Domingo continues to reach out to dozens of families in Haiti.


2)    To help young, committed, spiritual activists from all over the globe come to MCC’s General Conference to share their stories, receive inspiration and support; and, with all of MCCers at Conference, get training in how to do justice wherever we find ourselves. Our BE A GEM program makes that possible, and your offering can help us meet our goals in creating a truly international gathering in Acapulco later this year.

We know that some of our churches did take a special offering for the work in Haiti in January. We hope and pray you will also offer your church members a chance to give again in this Easter season in our annual appeal! You will be blessed!  Click here to sign up TODAY! 


Grace and Peace,




Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches


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