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Metropolitan Community Churches
Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.


Contribute to the 2010 Easter Offering TODAY! 

 Dear Friends:

Every year, MCC focuses on our global justice work for the season of Easter.

Recently, over 168 individuals and churches raised $32,000 for Haiti – with those resources, our new MCC church plant in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic brought food, clothing, water, medical supplies to 22 families, and members of the LGBT community who were devastated by the earthquake. They will be returning at Easter with tents, t

Rev Elder Nancy Wilson

arps and more food and water for those families and their communities. In addition, we gave $10,000 this week to Housing Works, who are working to provide safe shelter to men, women and children with HIV/AIDS, as well as emergency medical care. WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Imagine if we could do again this Easter for our Global Outreach program:

Ø    To help lesbians in Pakistan to go to school so they can have safe shelter and independence

Ø    To support our MCC and community center in Kuala Lumpur;

Ø    To help start an NGO in Africa to bring MCC’s commitment to justice on the ground where the needs are;

Ø    To help people like the young men in Malawi and Kenya who have defied the laws in their countries, participated in same-sex weddings and are now in prison;

Ø    To help activists in Uganda fight against draconian laws meant to put LGBT people to death or in prison for life;

Ø    To continue to work for justice, safe space and spiritual support in Jamaica, Moldova, and many places around the world!

Imagine also, if we could bring some of those courageous, committed young leaders and activists to our General Conference in this – so they can connect with their peers and colleagues, and the MCC family around the globe. So MCCers can hear and know first hand of their struggles and victories, and bring those stories back to our home churches. So we can all receive training and inspiration for the years to come!

This is what we want to accomplish over the Easter season. If you did not have a chance to give to our Haiti campaign, consider giving at Easter to our global justice work. If you did give earlier this year, please consider one more gift to make a difference. MCCers are always generous, even in tough economic times. Thanks for caring and giving!

If you are a difference maker, click here to donate to the 2010 Easter Offering! 


Grace and Peace,




Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches


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