Download Icon 2017 MCC Earth Day handbook (Word)
(Updated: 20 March 2017)

Throughout its history, the Metropolitan Community Churches has courageously (and often defiantly) led on social justice issues.  It is again time to act.  Undeniably, one of the direst threats to life today is: climate change and global warming.


As we know, Climate Change has already had a devastating impact on communities around the world, with dire effects on nature and creation and to our siblings and neighbors. And, the effects are disproportionate with those contributing least to its cause are suffering the most by the consequences.  It is time to be ‘good stewards’ for that which God has entrusted to our care and to become better neighbors in the world.


Earth Day is April 22, and it provides a great starting point for action.  The following week, is the Peoples Climate March on April 29th in Washington DC


We are inviting you to join us as we commit to act, as individuals, families, congregations, and good citizens around the world to reduce carbon emissions, increase awareness, and demand our communities, governments and corporations take positive action, as well.  Once again, MCC is preparing to help lead as we live into and from our faith.  That said, we are providing an MCC ‘Earth Day 2017 handbook’ to get started.  There are many actions to choose from!


Will YOU make a commitment – to ACT (or increase your action) – beginning Earth Day?


Even greater than a moral imperative, God is calling us to be better stewards of the “Garden” (in Genesis where we started).  So, let us have compassion and then act…to preserve and protect this Garden and all who live here, too.


Thank you.  Please email Linda Brenner ([email protected]) if your local church congregation will join the MCC movement and take action starting this Earth Day.






MCC Creation Care Team Co-leads

Reverends Aaron Miller and Rich Hendricks