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It’s the 300thAnniversary of the lyrics for “Joy to the World!” 2018 saw many churches focus their celebrations around the anniversary of Silent Night. This year consider using “Joy to the World” as your anchor. Below you will find some theme ideas and sermon starters to get your thoughts going. There are also some non-MCC resources including a complete series on this carol with worship elements, sermon starters, music suggestions and other resources (See “Repeat the Sounding Joy” below). Why re-invent the wheel? We MCC’ers have skills at inclusifying and adapting resources! There are also links to other denominational resources and to excellent subscription resources.

It is acknowledged that there are no resources listed in languages other than English. This is primarily due to a lack of time to solicit resources and recommendations from others who are familiar with the resources, culture and language. It is hoped that the Themes listed here may be translated and interpreted to fit your local cultural contexts.
Prepared by Rev. Colleen Darraugh, Mobilizing Love Ministries

Advent Toolkit

“Joy to the World”

Option 1: “Joy to the World”
Option 2: “Start Singing!”
Option 3: “Fear Not! Sing for Joy”

“Repeat the Sounding Joy”
“Advent Unwrapped”
“O Antiphons Reflections”
“Human Trafficking Advent Focus”
“Homelessness and Hospitality Advent Focus”

“enfleshed – Liturgy That Matters”
“Worship Design Studio with Dr. Marcia McFee

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