Conviction in potter trial an important step, church leader says

The conviction yesterday of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter sends the important message that no one is above the law, Metropolitan Community Church Moderator Cecilia Eggleston said.

“The legal system in the United States, or any country, needs to give justice to all its citizens, not just some,” Eggleston said. “Police officers are not above the law, and Daunte Wright’s family are entitled to justice that they have received today.”

Potter was convicted of manslaughter for the 2020 shooting of Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.  Potter apparently mistook her service weapon for her TASER.

“No matter the verdict, Daunte’s family will celebrate another Christmas without him,” Eggleston said. “Justice, in this case, is significant, but until the streets are safe for all citizens, there will still be work to do.”