MCC Networks

What are Networks?

Finding Your Network Leader

To find your Network Leader, click here and find your Network or Global Area.

Networks are groups of churches that are in reasonable geographic proximity to each other that exist to Care for one another, Connect to each other and Communicate with each other and the denomination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Networks operate?
Networks have avenues of input to the Governing Board and also participate in the development and delivery of resources to the churches in the Network.

Is it mandatory for a local church to be a member of a Network?
Yes, although churches can choose what activities, gatherings, etc. that they want to be involved in.

What is the role of Networks?

Networks are there to provide a way for churches and groups with shared interests to find connection and opportunities to collaborate. For Church Networks, the focus is on Connection (Relationship), Concern (Resourcing) and Cultivation (Growth).

Are Network Team Leaders appointed by an Elder?

They are appointed by the Moderator, and the Coordinator of the Networks. Additionally, each Network Leader chooses a Network Team to work with them to serve the churches in their Network.

What is the role of the Network Leaders?

The Network Leaders role is:

  1. Communicate regularly with the churches in their Network
  2. Work with a Network Team to plan gatherings, visit churches and provide resources
  3. Offer input to the Network Coordinator on a variety of issues
  4. Channel information to the Network Coordinator, and when needed UFMCC Staff working with churches and leaders about church needs, pastoral care concerns, possible flash points, etc.
  5. Support transferring information from the Network Coordinator, UFMCC Staff working with churches and leaders to the churches
  6. Provide a connector between the denomination and the local church
Network Team Application Form
Network Team Application Form
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