Building community is fundamental to who we are as MCC. People need connection and a place to belong. Loneliness and isolation are significant issues in today’s world and are also opportunities for us to develop new ways of engaging with people, such as online communities using different languages, as well as continuing to plant and grow churches. Strong communities need healthy, trained and empowered leaders, both lay and clergy. Our local congregations and church leaders have a wealth of experience and expertise. The networks are excellent ways of sharing best practice and learning from one another. We also want to further develop our online learning and resources to share the excellent ministry that MCC does around the world.

Community Development Team Lead – Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez

Community Development is made up of two teams, Community Building and Leadership Development. Rev. Elder Gutierrez is responsible for managing both teamsCommunity Development – Community Building Team

Please contact Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez with any matters relating to church support and development.Community Development – Leadership Development Team

  • Vocational Leadership Co-ordinator – responsible for working with lay pastors, the ordination process, and with clergy. Position to be advertised
  • Laity Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Online Learning Co-ordinator – responsible for working with LEAD programme, developing other learning opportunities for laity, working with diversity and inclusion affinity working groups, co-ordinating MCC’s online learning resources. Position to be advertised.
Please contact Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez with any matters relating to leadership development until staff are in place.
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MCC needs to have robust and effective systems to be able to support all the ministry areas in Community Development. We want to have an excellent and user-friendly website, increase our presence on social media and continue to improve our internal communications. It has to be easy for MCCers to send us information and ideas, and for MCC to have up to date contact details for individuals and churches. Local churches around the world continue to be faithful in giving their assessments in a timely manner. We want to find additional income to support our global ministry and work with local churches to explore income opportunities for them too.

Resource Development Team Lead – Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos

Resource Development is made up of two teams, Fundraising and Finance, and Communications. Rev. Dr. Amos is responsible for managing both teams.
Resource Development – Fundraising and Finance Team
Resource Development – Communications Team
  • IT, Website and Database Co-ordinator – Mr Mike Haase – [email protected]
  • Administrative Assistant – Ms Janine McCarthy – [email protected]
  • Internal Communications Co-ordinator – responsible for communication within MCC – newsletters, communications from Governing Board, Council of Elders etc. Position to be advertised
  • Social Media and External Communications Co-ordinator – responsible for outward focussed communication, social media presence, developing contacts with other media channels. Position to be advertised
Please contact Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos with any matters regarding communication until staff are in place.