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This Issue contains more Anti-Racism Resources and PRIDE Resources. Your contributions of resources are requested and appreciated!

MONDAY, June 15

9pm UTC / 5pm EDT (UTC-04)

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Meeting ID: 975 1539 5940

This session is only for our Chaplains. Seeing this event reminds us all to pray for our Chaplains who have been in the front lines with COVID-19!

TUESDAY, June 16

Myth vs reality10 Myths White People Believe About Racism

Sanctuary OnlineSaying a “Holy No” to Racism

5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Sanctuary’s Zoom Room:

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we watched George Floyd be murdered as a (now former) police officer kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Since that day, people have not stopped protesting around our world.

Some of us may find ourselves wanting to be an ally but are not quite sure how, and don’t want to say or do the “wrong” thing.

Lillie Brock is a gentle, yet firm and truth-telling, inspirational voice in her community and on social media, helping people understand and begin their own journeys of deconstructing racism and white privilege in their own lives. Lillie is a great friend of Sanctuary, and will join us on Tuesday to share her thoughts and invite a gentle dialogue about questions many of us have, like, “Why is saying All Lives Matter not being supportive?” and “What is ‘White Privilege’ and how do I know if I have it?” and “What is Systemic Racism.”

Mark your calendar and join us for possibly the most important Sanctuary Online Conversation yet!

Sanctuary’s Zoom Room :


Music Heals All”Church of Trinity Midday Music Series
4:10 UTC / 12:10 EDT (UTC-4)

“Music Heals All” is a 20-minute pre-recorded “live” video from local and national artists.

This week, June 17, Chris Romeo, the artistic director of Diversity: Voices of Sarasota (USA) who is also a tenor with the St. Petersburg Opera, performs inspirational music.


Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm

Church of the Trinity MCC is partnering with Greater Hurst Chapel AME that is located in Newtown (in Sarasota, Florida, USA). Newtown is a historical part of Sarasota where the African American community has been since 1914. The great civil rights icons in this area were born and still live there. Newtown residents formed the first resistance that eventually gave them the right to be on our beautiful beaches.
You will see the video spot and a countdown.


Myth vs reality10 Myths White People Believe About Racism

Thursday, June 18th at 7:30 pm EDT (UTC-4)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 873 8604 9950 Password: Justice

If a group from your church participates, you can be in a breakout group together!

Pray with Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston

Join Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston for prayer every Thursday at 9pm GMT, 5pm EDT

Bring your joys, concerns, laments, and celebrations to Rev. Cecilia and one another. Meet us on Cecilia’s Facebook every Thursday at 9PM GMT (5PM EDT/ BST 10PM) @Cecilia.Eggleston.50

Thursday, Movie Night and Discussion June 18 – “13th” (2016) 6-9pm via Zoom

Offered by Pike’s Peak MCC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Register to join us online here:
In this thought-provoking documentary, scholars, activists, and politicians analyze the criminalization of African Americans and the USA prison boom.
Join Zoom Meeting here:
Meeting ID: 879 8696 4473 Password: 992102

FRIDAY, June 19

FRIDAY NOON YOUR TIME – PRAY for Pastors, Pastoral Leaders, Boards, Lay Leaders and all MCC Chaplains.


Saturday, 9pm UTC / 5pm EDT (UTC-4)

Please join the Council of Elders for the fifth Facebook live broadcast of “Spiritual Nourishment”. Elder Nancy Maxwell will explore the spiritual practice of community worship, as well as take prayer requests to the Council. Worshipping as a community has taken on new meanings during the pandemic, with Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, etc., becoming standard ways to worship. Even as some of our churches return to worshipping in their buildings, stringent hygiene requirements alter the ways in which we worship. What have you noticed about community worship since we left our worship
spaces three months ago, both positive and negative? For those who feel comfortable, you can share your “noticings” in the comment section during the broadcast. We will send our time together with prayer requests.
Join in on the “MCC Council of Elders” Facebook group page.

Looking Ahead

VIRTUAL GLOBAL MEMORIAL SERVICE for those who have died of COVID-19

Tuesday, June 23

Watch for a separate email about this global event. We will travel around the world’s time zones as we offer prayer and remember those who have died of COVID-19. The services will include languages appropriate to that region and the MCC’s we have there. There will be a scrolling list of the names of those you wish to remember. We will add to it with each service.
Please send the names of anyone who died of COVID-19 that you wish to include in the memoriam here:

Anti-Racism Resources


1) Get on email lists of local anti-racism groups
2) Advocate for local police reforms and other reforms
3) Pray
4) Attend a Community Solidarity Event
5) For White Folx Only, we must learn to de-center whiteness and educate ourselves. Start with any of the resources below.

SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

Sister organization created for white folx as a support organization for Black Lives Matter. (USA) They have many, many resources on their website

Here are just a few of them:

Articles and Essays (listed by Faith in Public Life)


Sample Public Statements


Church of the Trinity Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)

Racism and White Supremacy in America and in the Church

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but the spirit of power, of courage and resolution, to meet difficulties and dangers; the spirit of love which will carry us through opposition.” 2 Timothy 1:7

At Church of the Trinity Metropolitan Community Church, we were founded on the precepts of inclusion, diversity and Christian Social Action. Today, in the face of unprecedented acts of racism and white supremacy in our country, we find ourselves called to look inside ourselves and find a way to stand in the place where we should be . . . with the peaceful protesters, taking a knee, listening to the stories of African American people, crying with the mothers who have lost their sons and daughters, and grieving with the daughters and sons who have lost their fathers and mothers.

We stand in the place where we should be . . .
Praying and asking for hearts of mercy, humility, and justice.
Searching and learning how to face our own white privilege and racists actions.
Confessing the times that we have turned the other way or were tone deaf, just because we could.
Lending our voices of whiteness and privilege to move toward the dismantling of racist systems and structures that plague this nation at every turn.
Walking with those who feel that no matter how many black lives are lost, no one is listening.
Offering our hearts with compassion in such a way that we become more and more aware of our need to denounce white privilege in all its forms.
Investing time and effort in our own education about racism and white supremacy so as not to make it incumbent on black people to teach us.
Standing with and beside our black siblings in every moment because we see them and appreciate their worth.
Speaking out against anything that would cause our black siblings to say, “I Can’t Breathe.”

We take our place in following Jesus by saying a “Holy NO” to any who might use religion or our houses of worship to sell goods and ideas that are for their own purposes. We recommit ourselves to walking humbly, remaining prayerful, and always seeking justice for the least of these.

“Open the gates of justice! I will enter and tell the Lord how thankful I am.” Psalm 118:19

Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church, Cape Town


We declare that our church continues to stand against all forms of racism and discrimination and condemn violence. We offer our support and stand in solidarity with those taking a stand.

We don’t presume to understand the full context nor the lived experiences of those living in another country, even though there may be similarities in our own contexts.

We can, however, relate to the effects of ongoing institutional discrimination, racism as well as the racism, discrimination and violence between people that still happens today.

South Africa has her own journey in this regard and have much healing, learning, repenting and repairing still to do, and so this comes from a place of knowing, and not knowing.

We do believe in the power of action, and see the destruction of inaction. We believe in the power of prayer, that can do immeasurably more then what we can do in our human capacity. We commit to doing both, act and pray.

Your family members in South Africa.

Good Hope MCC Church Council
Rev Beulah Durrheim
Corinne Avontuur
Richard Norman
Randall Smith
Jody Solomon
Marcina Kelly
Theo Nel


PRIDE happens at different times around the world. It’s PRIDETIDE or PRIDE month in the USA. Whether you are celebrating Pride right now or not, please send us some of your Pride celebrations to share. We are looking for PRIDE Worship Resources and Virtual Pride Events. Please share them to [email protected]

Here are a few things to help your PRIDE celebrations.

Celebrate Pride and Celebrate MCC with QUEER TV!

Revry modified

MCC is proud to partner with Revry, unapologetically queer TV, who is supporting us by splitting all subscription fees (after your free month) throughout the rest of the year. Revry will also give MCC some free promotion in the coming months. Click here and be sure to use MCC’s Code C111.

Read more about Revry


Liberation Theology in the AmericasLiberation Theology in the Americas – classes taught in English!

The registration is in Portuguese, if you have any difficulty registering please contact Ana Ester. You can reach her through Facebook.

Hungarian Trans SupportHungarian Trans* and Intersex Folx Need Our Support

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