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It’s a holiday weekend in the UK and USA. On Monday, many businesses are closed. Yes, there are secular reasons for the holiday that you might observe. For many clergy and lay leaders, you have been going the extra mile for the last several months. We pray that you can find some breath of fresh air to revive your spirit. Thank you for all of the incredible ministry you are doing!

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MONDAY, May 25

Holiday for UK and USA

Most UK & USA MCC staff will be off today.


9pm GMT / 5pm EDT

Tea in MayJoin the Community Development Team for virtual tea, coffee, and conversation for another month! We will have some special guests join us this month too, so look out for more information.

Weekly, this will be a time of building hope, cultivating joy, connecting with one another, and with God. Led by Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez and Revs. Cathy Alexander, Lauren Bennett & Wanda Floyd, and, our newest team member, Rebecca Wilson!

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 248 584 328



Sanctuary Online“Preparing Yourself and Your Environment to Get the Most From Online Worship” – May 26

15pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Sanctuary’s Zoom Room:

Many of us are now “attending church” in our Living Rooms or at our Kitchen Tables! If that is you and you’d like some ideas around how you could make that experience more powerful, more meaningful, and, “more like church,” join our panel of three amazingly creative young ministers who are doing a powerful job from the other side of that camera lens!

Revs Lauren Bennett and Wes Mullins of MCC of Greater St Louis, and Rev Marie Alford-Harkey of MCC of the Palm Beaches will be facilitating a discussion for online worship attendees in, “Preparing Yourself and Your Environment to Get the Most from Online Worship.”

How are you reshaping your “sanctuary”? Join us as we lead a discussion about worshiping from home in these Corona times.

We will consider questions like:

  • How do we prepare for worship?
  • What does worship look like, sound like, smell like, feel like at home?
  • What are we learning about ourselves?
  • How are these times changing our idea of church?

So, mark your calendar and join us!

Sanctuary’s Zoom Room :


Theologically Thinking, Wed. May 27th

8pm UTC / 4pm EDT (UTC-04)

Theologically ThinkingYou are invited to participate in our third “Theologically Thinking” conversation. In previous conversations in English and in Spanish, we asked how MCC’s Core Values (Inclusion, Community, Justice and Spiritual Transformation) might affect our decision-making about when/how to return to physical gatherings. This week’s multi-lingual, cross-cultural conversation will ask in what ways our theology of embodiment has or is changing during this pandemic. We will further discuss embodied theology through the lens of our Core Values. This conversation will happen in Portuguese, Spanish and English, in small and large groups. We will slow down enough to listen, translate and contemplate each other’s theological thoughts.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 913 5296 6296


Pray with Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston

Join Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston for prayer every Thursday at 9pm GMT, 5pm EDT

Bring your joys, concerns, laments, and celebrations to Rev. Cecilia and one another. Meet us on Cecilia’s Facebook every Thursday at 9PM GMT (5PM EDT/ BST 10PM) @Cecilia.Eggleston.50

FRIDAY, May 29

FRIDAY NOON YOUR TIME – PRAY for Pastors, Pastoral Leaders, Boards, Lay Leaders and all MCC Chaplains.


returns next Saturday, June 6

Looking Ahead

June 1, 2020
7pm UTC / 3pm EDT (UTC-4)

We have our next concert date on our new platform! Pentecost Monday on June 1st at 12pmPT/ 3pm EDT/7pm UTC!
JOIN THE CONCERT HERE: Come and be blessed!

In Case You Missed It . . . 


This was shared on Facebook. It does not include cleaning and sanitizing protocols yet asks good questions for Worship Team planners.

Notes from the Creative Worship Team at Founders MCC. This may be amended as we go, but it’s a great place to start as we begin to think about reopening. Thanks to Elder Larry Rodriguez for putting this together – YES! He’s well enough to meet us from home!

Section 1 – The Worship Service Itself – How will we do these things?
Entering the Sanctuary
Opening of Worship [Editors Note: Remember Congregational Singing is as high a risk as coughing or sneezing.] Welcome and Passing Peace
Closing of Worship
Exiting the Sanctuary
A challenge – how to create new “touch” points where worshippers can be touched emotionally and spiritually without physically touching or singing or coming together in close proximity
Section 2 – Crowd Control Before Entering And After Exiting The Sanctuary
Before Worship (where / how do people gather at campus safely before service – who manages crowd)
After Worship (where / how do people disperse from campus safely after service -who manages crowd)
Section 3 – Training staff (who will train, when, how)
Worship Participants
Media Team
Music Team
Section 4 – The Guidelines
Are there separate guidelines for worshippers and worship participants?
Who will establish guidelines?
How will they be disseminated, announced, etc.?
How much time between guidelines announced and first on-site worship service?
What are consequences for not adhering to guidelines?
How will they be enforced?

Guidelines for Churches – Center for Disease Control (USA)

The Associated Press reported (May 7) that the Center for Disease Control (CDC-USA) published a 17 page document “Guidelines for Implementing the Opening Up of America Framework.” It is widely reported that the Guidelines were shelved by the Administration. Here is a link to the document: The Guidelines for Faith Communities appear on pages 7-9.

Counting Virtual Attendance

MCC has received a number of inquiries about how to count and report worship attendance during this time. Attached is a document to guide “Counting Worship Attendance in a Virtual World.” The very questions of how and what to report raises other questions about what metrics we think are important and why. No doubt we will be talking about this more as we continue to BE MCC in the virtual environment. In the meantime, please read the following document about Virtual Attendance.

Download Icon Virtual Attendance (Word)
(Updated: 12 May 2020)


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These links connect you to resources or webinars by ministry related companies. The listing here does not imply an endorsement nor does it imply that they are LGBTQ+ friendly. Nonetheless, these are resources some MCC’s have found helpful.



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