Commission on Pathways of Healing and Reconciliation – 18 June 2021

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Announcing Three Pathways

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133:1

We call upon the One who knew us before we entered into this plain. We call upon the One who knows each tear we cry and every pain we feel.  We call upon the One who joins us in our joy and times of celebration. We call upon the One who led others before us on this journey and laid the groundwork so that we can do the work of today. Blessed One, guide our work that it would be healing and fruitful for us today and for those tomorrow.   

Ashe, Amen, and May it be So.

The Commission on Pathways of Healing and Reconciliation was established by the Governing Board to help MCC address racism and other issues that were highlighted during and after General Conference 2016.

One of its tasks is to:

  • Design and offer a pathway for individuals to move towards healing and reconciliation on elements that have fractured relationships in recent years.

The Commission has now established 3 different pathways, which will be available during the month of July, to hear your personal experiences of racism and other issues within MCC. The Commissioners will use these stories to identify themes and will recommend areas for organisational change so that MCC can become more racially equitable, inclusive, and diverse.

You may

  1. Complete a short survey, which will provide a snapshot of what MCC is doing locally and as a denomination to address racism
  2. Submit your written or video testimony of your personal experience of racism or other issues within MCC
  3. Make an appointment to speak with a listener and share your story. This will be recorded, with your consent, and also submitted to the Commission for its work. We have listeners in different countries, from a variety of backgrounds, and who speak different languages. You will be able to choose with whom you talk.

The Commissioners want to hear from as many people as possible around the world. Your story is important to us, so please consider using one or more of the pathways. We need your input to help us to really understand the current reality in MCC and what needs to be done for MCC to fully live into its core values of inclusion, community, spiritual transformation and justice. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, MCC Detroit, USA (Co-Chair)
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator UFMCC (Co-Chair)
Rev. Cathy Alexander, MCC Staff
Mr. Kedric Brown, Resurrection MCC, Houston TX, USA
Ms. Clare Coughlin, Governing Board UFMCC
Mr. Juan Garcia, MCC of Washington DC, USA
Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw, MCC Tampa, USA
Mr. Richard Norman, Good Hope MCC, South Africa
Ms. Ivana Warwick, ICM Sao Paulo, Brazil

Commission on Pathways to Healing Members

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” – Rosa Parks