Clergy & Lay Survey – Your Opinion Counts!

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Clergy & Lay Delegate Survey – Your Opinion Counts!

Dear MCC Clergy and Lay Delegates and other Laity eligible to vote at General Conference:

The Board of Elders and Board of Administration, with the assistance of the Structure Review Team are pleased to offer this easy to use survey to test the ideas, principles and elements of the new structure proposal that was distributed a couple of weeks ago. The few minutes you invest in responding will make the difference!

Since you are the ones who will be making the decision at General Conference, we want to hear from you now! We need your feedback so that we can amend and improve this proposal accordingly.   Click here to participate in the survey!

We have already received lots of helpful, individual feedback from emails, on the website and from cluster gatherings, and we know we will continue to hear from many of you.  We are busy incorporating many of the excellent suggestions in the next draft that will be coming out with the General Conference packet online.

Help us so that we can bring something to General Conference that will include your input, and that of your congregation, and create broad support. 

Continue to invite the Holy Spirit into your conversations and into our hearts and minds as we imagine this aspect of the future of MCC’s denominational ministry. Pray that in all things, we can seek and embody the will of our God for MCC!

I want to personally thank those of you who have been so encouraging, kind and generous, with your positive comments and constructive criticism. Pray earnestly for our leadership, and for everyone who will have a part in shaping the future of MCC this year.

Grace and Peace,

+ Nancy

Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches


“We want to hear from you now!”

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