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Christians around the world are praying for the people of Ukraine and for global peace, and the leaders of Metropolitan Community Church are asking for prayer for all world leaders, as well.
               “The Russian invasion of Ukraine was not unexpected, but that makes it no less terrible – and terrifying,” said Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. “As we continue to pray for peace and for the citizens of Ukraine, we also lift up government and military leaders around the world, that they may have the wisdom to restore peace in this region quickly.
               “War, unfortunately, is almost a constant throughout human history,” Eggleston said. “We worship a God of peace, who calls on us to do what we can – whatever we can – to maintain and foster human relationships that are healthy and beneficial. Rockets and tanks hardly fit that godly bill. Sometimes, alas, we have nothing to offer but prayers and hopes, and to raise our voices in the chorus of those calling for better times.
               “In these difficult hours, we are heaven-focused, God-centred, and vigilant in our prayers. May the God of peace intercede as only God can, and lead our world to a better way of being, starting, today, in the Ukraine.”