Frank Zerilli

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Frank Zerilli “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 2 December 1940 – 20 March 2020   Beloved spouse of Franklin Calvin for almost 42 years. Frank was the Confidential Assistant to Rev. Troy D. Perry, the founder of Metropolitan Community … Continued

Rev. C. Jane Carl

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Rev. C. Jane Carl “Promoted to Glory” 1 June, 1940 – 13 March, 2020 Beloved spouse of Rev. Susan Deitrick for 35 ½ years. Born in Grand Junction, Colorado, Jane was part of the Salvation Army from birth until about … Continued

Rev. Elder Freda Smith

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Rev. Elder Freda Smith has inspired a generation of women, lesbians, and people of every gender and orientation. Just yesterday, we learned that Freda was placed into hospice care, and today we heard that she died. We give thanks for the … Continued

Barbara Chase Wilson

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Barbara Chase Wilson, 92, passed peacefully from this life on 4 August 2019 at the Water’s Edge assisted living facility in Bradenton, Florida, USA. Prior to moving to Water’s Edge in 2018, Barbara lived in the Mount Vernon retirement community … Continued

Marian Schoenwether

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Marian Schoenwether, mother of Paula Schoenwether, and mother-in-law of Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, died in her sleep 17 August 2014, peacefully, surrounded by her family. Marian was a recipient of the 2007 General Conference Edith Allen Perry Award for parents who … Continued

Rev. Celena Duncan

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Rev. Celena Duncan was an active member of MCC Topeka where she served as Volunteer Clergy, and more recently as coordinator of Adult Education. Prior to her retirement, Rev. Duncan was the pastor of Good Shepherd MCC in Chicago, Illinois, … Continued

Rev. Dr. Rodger Harrison

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Rev. Dr. Rodger Harrison recalls in his biography that he was the sixth clergy person to join MCC, and was called by Founder Rev. Troy Perry to start a church in Orange County in 1970. Rev. Harrison is survived by … Continued

Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford

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Remembering the Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford The following is a reprint from an announcement by Rev. Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister, Sunshine Cathedral, following the passing of the Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford. MCC prays for those who are impacted … Continued

Rev. Ken Carroll

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Rev. Ken Carroll, Interim Pastoral Leader (IPL) of The Rock MCC, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, died unexpectedly on 11 December 2018. He was 52 years old. Rev. Carroll had recently been appointed as IPL and had served many years in leadership after … Continued

Rev. Todd Ira Goewey

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Rev. Todd Ira Goewey passed away November 14, 2018, following a brief illness. He is survived by his sister, Lynne Goewey, and a beloved friend Brice Wilson. Rev. Goewey will also be missed by the congregation of MCC Charlotte, in … Continued