Budget Impact Updates

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This is the season of Annual Congregational Meetings for many of you. We want to remind you of a few things that have Budget Impact for 2021. Please make sure your Treasurer and Board Members see this.

If you have questions about conducting your meeting virtually or facilitating virtual voting, please check out the webinar below or contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Conducting Congregational Meetings during COVID-19

Video Replayhttps://youtu.be/adCcfIl4Dg0
This MCC Webinar shared guidance on options, planning and conducting Congregational Meetings during this time of COVID-19 when most of our churches are not meeting in-person.


The Pension Plan contribution increases to $1.75 per member per month beginning in January 2021. New forms are on the website.

Remember to submit your quarterly payments on time. The 3rd Quarter of 2020 is due October 10th.

Questions about Pension contributions may be sent to [email protected]


COVID moved most of us to virtual worship and online programming. Even when we return to in-person gatherings, virtual ministry will continue.

  • Have you budgeted for your virtual platform (Zoom or another)? It may be time to move beyond the free versions.
  • In addition to your CCLI license, do you have and have you budgeted for the streaming license?

When congregations return to in-person gatherings, there will be additional expenses and procedures to consider.

  • additional cleaning costs
  • provision of any PPE, at the very least the provision of hand sanitizer throughout the facility, and masks for people who may not arrive with one
  • any installation of plexiglass around musicians or the pulpit

Be sure to check with your facility Insurance company for anticipated increases, waiver recommendations, and other updates.

  • This may be a time to consider Key Person insurance! This is a policy owned by the church on the life of the Pastor. This would provide funds for the church in the event of the death of the Pastor.


The Early Bird deadline for Clergy License Renewal is December 1st. The Early Bird fee is $175. While this is a required professional license, Boards might consider covering this fee as part of the Pastor’s package, as a benefit, or as a token of appreciation.

For payment in the United States/Canada, you may pay online by clicking this link, or you can mail a check to MCC, 2775 NW 49th Ave. Ste: 205-327, Ocala, FL 34482. If payment is being submitted via PayPal, please ensure that the name of the Clergyperson is included in the details on the payment. If, however, the Clergy License fee is paid by check, the Clergyperson’s name must be included in the Memo section of the check.

General Conference 2022 Austin +

Start Budgeting for General Conference!

As we are in the midst of a pandemic, we do not know exactly what the future holds for the MCC General Conference in 2022. We do know we will have a conference and it will be a time of hope, celebration, and momentum.

As you begin planning your 2021 and 2022 budgets, we want to give you some projections of costs for this conference. We recommend that you budget two thirds of your anticipated conference costs in your 2021 budget and one third in your 2022 budget.

Currently, we are planning a multi-site experience for General Conference with one main host site in the USA and other mini-sites around the world. Look for an email outlining some of those ideas in the coming months.

Because life is so uncertain right now, we will not be opening up registration in January 2021 as we usually do. Instead registration will open in July of 2021, a year before the next scheduled General Conference to be held 4-8 July 2022.

We anticipate the Promo Rate to be (starting July 2022):
US/Canada: $350
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $275
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $175
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $45

Regular rate (after August of 2021):
US/Canada: $450
Europe, Australia, New Zealand: $300
Ibero-America, Eastern Europe: $200
Africa, Caribbean, Asia, India: $50

We will have day rates, online-only rates, volunteer rates etc., but it’s simply too early to project those right now in our current situation.

We will be staying at the fabulous, brand-new Fairmont Austin where the room rate is $169/night plus a 15% tax.

Please note that everything is subject to change because of COVID. This brief announcement is just to help as you estimate your costs and plan your budgets. We will elaborate on all of this in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected].

Give a Gift That CountsRemember Your Pastor(s) and Staff

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone! Pastors have been trying to balance the need to keep everyone safe and healthy with the desired benefits of in-person gatherings. Many Pastors have had to learn to do worship differently including learning or sharpening technology skills! They have done their best to provide congregants with spiritual nurture and ways to connect virtually. Wouldn’t you agree that they have worked hard?

This is the one time of year for Boards or Boards and Lay Delegates or other key lay leaders to meet without the Pastor. This is the time of year to consider a Christmas gift for your Pastor(s) and any Staff.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month so encourage your congregation to send notes of appreciation and encouragement to your Pastor(s) now.


With concerns about voter suppression and intimidation, a number of states and cities are asking clergy to be present at polling places as witnesses to help counter voter intimidation. We want to encourage clergy and churches in the USA to check with local leaders to find out how they may be of assistance. This is in alignment with MCC’s core value of Justice. We are called to work for Justice for all people.

Remember that protecting the freedom to participate by voting is non-partisan and is not a violation of our charitable status. Any support of a specific candidate or in opposition to a specific candidate must be done as an individual and not in the name of the church.

Encourage your members to VOTE!

Be involved. Be watchful. Be careful.