Breaking News: Florida Ban on Adoption for LGBT Parents Ends

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Breaking News from Florida

Ban on Adoption by Lesbians and Gay Men Ends


Office of the Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches

For Immediate Release:  13 October 2010



Florida’s disgraceful ban on gay and lesbian adoption ended today.  Florida Department of Children and Families Director George Sheldon announced that the Department will not appeal the September court ruling that struck down the state’s ban on gay and lesbian adoption, calling it “unconstitutional.”


The Rev. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches was ecstatic.  “Thank God for this end to terrible discrimination,” she said.  “This is great news for Florida’s families, for children who need good loving homes, and for parents who have so much to offer. This adoption ban can go the way of Jim Crow laws and similarly oppressive practices. Good news!”


“After 33 years this discriminatory ban on gay and lesbian adoption is over,” add The Rev. Jim Merritt, Coordinator for Marriage and Adoptions for MCC’s Global Justice Ministry.  “Having worked with institutionalized Florida children for nearly twenty years, I am convinced this is primarily a children’s rights issue.  Today’s decision will allow a large number of Florida children to join the loving, supportive, forever family that every child deserves.  We are very thankful.” 


While celebrating today’s good news, all of us must face the somber reality that our work on this issue is not over.  In an email on the evening of the decision, Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith wrote, “We must defend this victory against extremists who are already at work to reinstate the ban.  The same anti-gay forces who pushed for Florida’s marriage amendment in 2008 will likely try to put a return of the adoption ban up for a statewide vote in 2012.”


Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we continue to stand firm for equality and justice for all people, especially for the children who will benefit from today’s decision.


This statement prepared in conjunction with The Moderator’s Global Justice Team,

Metropolitan Community Churches, The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.


For Further Information, Contact:
Rev. Jim Merritt
Marriage Equality and Adoptions Coordinator for MCC’s Global Justice Team
Metropolitan Community Churches
[email protected]