Assessment Rate Change, Agreements, Voting Eligibility

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MCC Governing Board

Important Assessment Rate and Voting Eligibility Information for Churches, Clergy, and Lay Delegates

Dear Clergy, Lay Delegates, and Board of Directors:

Thank you for ministry!

Because of you, the first 50 years of MCC transformed lives around the world. Today, the message of God’s unconditional and liberating love is still needed around the world. Your generous monthly contributions make a difference every day!

  • When floods and storms arrive, MCC is here to support local communities, as recently experienced a few months ago in North Carolina.
  • Individuals, including children, impacted by HIV/AIDS have a worshipping community and much needed health services because of MCC ministries in Uganda.
  • MCC staff is working today to support local churches, leaders, and networks, especially when churches experience leadership transitions.
  • Discernment to become MCC clergy or start a new church continues each week.
  • New leaders are prepared and approved for ordination and lay leadership.
  • The work to ensure human and civil rights continues to change our communities.

Whether the MCC church you serve is one (1) or 50 years old, support for transforming ministry continues because of your generosity. The MCC Governing Board is very grateful for recent conversations with pastors and local church board members. Your feedback and questions, along with our collaborative work with MCC staff, allowed us to create an FAQ, which will be released soon addressing questions and providing a financial update of accounts.

Assessments and 2019 Rate Change
As an Affiliated church, giving to the wider movement and church is part of the MCC covenant as a Fellowship of churches (Bylaw IX. B). Local churches sharing a portion of offerings received with UFMCC is still the primary source of funding for the ministries, programs, and projects. If your church is current in its monthly Assessment reports and payments, Thank You! Your commitment to all of MCC is deeply appreciated.

Affiliated churches vote at General Conference to set the assessment rate. The rate has reduced in increments over the years on a schedule set by General Conference delegates. The current assessment rate for Affiliated churches is 11.5%. In a Special General Conference in November 2018, delegates voted to approve a new Assessment rate of 10% to begin in January 2019. Updated Assessment forms will be distributed prior to the end of the year to reflect the new Assessment rate.

Restoration Plans or “Agreements”
Sometimes local churches face financial challenges. In those times, the Governing Board collaborates with local church leadership to create a plan to remain current in Assessment giving and reporting. On occasion, this includes an agreement for a lower Assessment rate as a Restoration Plan. Restoration Plans are specific to the local church and have a mutually agreed timeline. Churches on a Restoration Plan Agreement demonstrate a desire to collaborate and honor commitments. Many churches are able to honor agreements during a season and return to the full Assessment rate within a few months, year, or longer for others. A special thank you to churches that have entered or completed Restoration Plans in 2018.

The Governing Board is charged to ensure current agreements are honored. A small number of churches do not have a current formal Restoration Plan Agreement. The Governing Board continues to reach out to ensure an agreement is in place. With General Conference coming soon, it is important to finalize all agreements by 15 February 2019. Churches not honoring existing agreements will receive a formal letter from the Governing Board evoking Bylaw IX. C. 3. and the Governing Board Policy Handbook Policy 16, both of which are provided at the end of this letter.

As agreements are finalized, the Governing Board will share with the General Conference updated statistics of churches paying at full Assessment rate, agreements and agreed upon assessment rates, in addition to membership of churches.

General Conference Business Meeting and Voter Eligibility
As the Governing Board prepares for General Conference 1-5 July 2019, in Orlando, our goal is to ensure delegates are eligible to vote in the Business Meeting. Eligibility is granted when Affiliated church monthly Assessments and reports are current. This means reports and Assessments are sent either via mail or electronically by the 10th of each month (Bylaw IX. B. 1). Also, USA Affiliated churches must be current on quarterly MCC Board of Pensions, USA, contributions (Bylaw IX. D).

Churches eligible to vote in the General Conference Business Meeting must be current with all 2017 and 2018 Assessments, MCC Board of Pensions, USA, contributions when applicable, and honoring Assessment agreements, by 28 February 2019. If a church is not current with contributions and reports, the church Senior Pastor and Lay Delegate(s) will be considered ineligible to vote. Churches will be formally notified by the Governing Board by the end of February 2019.

At times circumstances arise that require a new agreement. If a church is eligible at the beginning of 2019, yet needs a Restoration Plan due to new circumstances, requests will be received and considered. Also, churches that are eligible to vote as of February 2019, but fall behind in Assessments or Board of Pension contributions and reports, and do not have a Restoration Plan as of 1 May 2019, will cause the reclassification of the church Senior Pastor and Lay Delegate(s) as ineligible to vote. A formal notice of this change in status will be sent to the church by the Governing Board.

The Governing Board and MCC Staff are eager to assist Affiliated churches with completing monthly Assessment reports and ensuring their giving is current so everyone can be seated to vote at General Conference. The intent of these parameters and deadlines is to ensure clarity and accountability among local churches in supporting the wider movement and church.

We encourage all lay delegates, local church boards, and clergy to note these important dates:

  • New Assessment Rate of 10% begins 1 January 2019.
  • The MCC Board of Pensions, USA, quarterly per member rate is $1.25 as of 1 January 2019.
  • Restoration Plan Agreements deadline is 15 February 2019.
  • General Conference voting eligibility will be determined on 28 February 2019 for churches current for the years of 2017 and 2018 on Assessments and MCC Board of Pensions, USA.

Please direct questions about Reports, Assessments, or to submit a request for a Restoration Plan to Assessment Liaison, Marina Laws [email protected].  Questions about Governing Board policy or the bylaws may be directed to the Treasurer, Dr. David Williams [email protected]. If there are questions about the MCC Board of Pensions, USA, please send an email to [email protected].

Thank you for your generosity being part of MCC, a church and movement that at 50 years old, still transforms lives!

MCC Governing Board
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Moderator
Rev. Miak Siew, Vice Chair
Rev. Joe Cobb, Clerk
Dr. David Williams, Treasurer
Rev. Onetta Brooks
Rev. Victoria Burson
Bob Niehaus
Christy Temples
Marsha Warren