Philippines Disaster Relief

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(Image credit: AP photo / Aaron Favila)
(Image credit: AP photo / Aaron Favila)

Dear MCCers,

We have received many questions and concerns about our churches and people in the Philippines. MCC has five (5) churches in the Philippines, all located on a Northern island several hundred miles from Tacloban, which is the area hardest hit by the typhoon Haiyan (known locally as typhoon Yolanda). Our churches there have all reported they are okay. However, many are still awaiting news from family or friends in the hardest-hit areas.

Typhoon Haiyan is among the most powerful storms to ever make landfall. Sustained winds approaching 200 mph created 30-feet-high storm surges, flash flooding, and mass devastation. The storm is feared to have killed thousands already. This same area was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake just weeks earlier, and the situation in the country is dire.

Would you like to help but are not sure where to begin? Here are two things you can do: Pray for all those affected, and Donate to relief efforts.

Please join us in prayer:

Gentle Creator who forms us and loves us, we call to You from the bitterness of loss and powerlessness. In the midst of storms, we are helpless against the breaking of earth beneath our feet and the raging of winds and water against our bodies. In fear, we huddle and cry out; we search for safety and beckon to our loved ones. Today, though the storms have passed, we are left with the shattered homes and heartbroken people filled with loss and in need of hope. No matter our proximity to our siblings in the Philippines, we all, as Your family and Your body in the world, feel the echoes of our siblings’ pain. We grieve the loss of life, and we yearn for calm and wholeness. Guide us into the life-saving generosity that is so desperately needed. Help us transform disaster into rebuilding, loss into community, and despair into hopeful exhilaration at the presence of a global gathering of friends and believers. Allow us to embody Your loving son as we offer healing, love, compassion and grace in Your name to those who suffer; knowing that as we ease another’s suffering, we ease our own. Aide us each in finding the way unique to us to help our cherished siblings recover and revitalize in Your presence through us. It is in Your many precious and holy names we pray, Amen. 

(Image credit: AP photo / Aaron Favila)
(Image credit: AP photo / Aaron Favila)

Now that relief efforts are under way, our churches in the Philippines are joining together to participate. They have created a Facebook group called Arise Philippines Project where you can find articles, photos and updates. MCC Quezon City is heading up these efforts to raise awareness and funds for basics such as water, food, clothing and medicine. For distribution, they are partnering with local organizations through the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP).

If you wish to support these efforts, you may donate to MCC’s Disaster Relief Fund. See information on the right of this page. We are not able to accept in kind donations at this time.

“This is when being part of a denomination, a world-wide movement, really makes a difference. Let’s show our brothers and sisters in the Philippines that we are with them, even as God is with them!” – Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator

Donate to MCC’s Philippines Disaster Relief fund today.


Please send checks to:


Philippines Disaster Relief Fund
PO Box 50488
Sarasota, FL 34232 USA


Alternatively you can donate via PayPal by clicking the link below.