Archbishop is wrong on social justice movements, church leader says

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For Immediate Release:
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021


Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is wrong in his characterization of social justice movements as attempting to replace religion, the leader of Metropolitan Community Churches said today.

Last week, Gomez gave a speech in which he said, among other things, “Whatever we call these movements — ‘social justice,’ ‘wokeness,’ ‘identity politics,’ ‘intersectionality,’ ‘successor ideology’ — they claim to offer what religion provides.” Gomez also reportedly described these movements as “dangerous.”

“Archbishop Gomez wouldn’t have liked Jesus at all, would he?” asked Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). “Social justice movements are at the heart of our Christian faith, and have been since its genesis with the ministry of Christ himself.  They don’t replace religion, but sometimes they bring religion to heel and remind it what it’s supposed to be.”

Movements such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride have a vital role in making positive social change, Eggleston said.

“MCC will continue to support social justice movements as elements of essential change,” Eggleston said. “Archbishop Gomez and the rest of his ilk would do well to get onboard.”



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