Announcing The Appointment Of Velma Garcia As Network Facilitator

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Velma GarciaThe Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston and the Coordinator of the Networks, Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez, appointed Austin based Lay Minister Velma Garcia, as Network Facilitator.

Ms. Garcia joins Rev David Zeir and Jude Litzenberger on the Facilitators Team. Facilitators recruit, train and coach MCC Network leaders and teams as they serve local churches in providing care, connection, communication, collaboration and resources to church leaders.

Velma Garcia is superbly prepared for this appointment since she served as the Texas/New Mexico Network Co-Lead from 2013-2017 after graduating from the LEAD program in 2013. During her tenure she helped organize two network gatherings where 9 churches in the network participated.

Velma Garcia is a long-time member of MCC Austin, Austin, TX USA, where she serves as a Deacon, Worship Leader, Lay delegate, and translator to the Texas – Mexico Border Support Group. She also served on the much lauded Moderator’s Nominating Committee prior to General Conference earlier this year.

Velma Garcia’s passion is to be a “bridge-builder” between the local churches and the networks, and the networks to the denomination. Velma Garcia is excited for this new opportunity and looks forward to the challenges, the opportunities and to be in community together.

We are grateful to Velma Garcia for her leadership and pledge to hold her regularly in our prayers!