Announcing the Appointment of Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie as the North Central USA Churches Network Team Leader

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Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie
Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie


Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, MCC Moderator, and Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez, Coordinator of the Network Leaders, appointed Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie to serve as the North Central USA Network Team Leader effective immediately.

Rev. Mobley-Bowie has more than 20 years of MCC experience and has served as Director of Pastoral Care and Community Partnerships, Interim Pastor, and Minister of Music.

The key responsibilities of a Network Leader are to:

  • Communicate regularly with churches and leaders in their Network
  • Work with a Network Team to plan gatherings, visit churches, and provide resources
  • Offer input to the Network Coordinator on a variety of issues
  • Channel information to the Network Coordinator, and when needed, to UFMCC Staff about church needs, pastoral care concerns, possible flash points, etc.
  • Support transferring information from the Network Coordinator and UFMCC Staff to the churches by working with churches and leaders.
  • Provide a connection between the denomination and the local church.

It is our hope that with this appointment, the churches and leaders that are part of this Network will be connected to each other and will set goals for their development.

If you are interested in serving on the North Central USA Churches Network Team, please contact Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie at [email protected].

We are grateful to Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie for her leadership and pledge to hold her regularly in our prayers!