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One Farewell and Thanks

Two New Staff Members

One New Contract Relationship

March 19, 2021

Rev. Duane RombergerThank you Rev. Duane Romberger

With great regret, we let you know that Duane Romberger, who served as our contracted External Communications Co-ordinator, completed his contract and is not continuing with MCC in this particular role. There is so much to celebrate about the gifts he has given us.

Duane contributed significantly to MCC’s successful communications and marketing efforts in the past year. Most notably, he is responsible for the development, design, and launch of our new visitor-based website ( and external marketing campaign (We’re Seeking You!). This website is designed specifically for those who have never heard about us but who long for the liberating ministries of MCC. Duane has envisioned and treated this as a gift we have to offer the world, and one way to keep us from being a “best kept secret.”

Duane coordinated this project in such a way as to help us grow more fully into our global vision. It is the first major communications project that seamlessly integrates the primary languages of MCC, not simply as translations from English to another language but by presenting articles and voices from the original languages and contexts of authors around the world (i.e. English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, etc.). This took an extraordinary amount of coordination and project management, which Duane provided with skill and excellence.

Duane has also been responsible for utilizing a grant MCC received years ago from Google Ads, and has helped us better analyze our results to improve effectiveness. We are already seeing thousands of unique visits to this new visitor site each month.

There is so much more to say. We are so grateful for all of the contributions Duane made to MCC in this role, and for the passion he personally has for sharing the message and relevant ministries of MCC with the world. We invite you to send messages of appreciation to him at [email protected]. We sincerely wish Duane the best in his future endeavors and hope to partner with him in various ways in the future.

MCC Introduces

Diversity, Inclusion and Laity Development Coordinators

Metropolitan Community Churches is excited to announce that Rev. Stedney Phillips, and Camille Araullo have been hired as the new Diversity, Inclusion, and Laity Development Co-ordinators for MCC worldwide. This position is part of the new staffing structure in MCC, which will enable MCC to respond effectively to our global ministry in the 21st century.

After a robust search and interview process, the Senior Leadership of MCC (Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator; Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, Team Lead for Resource Development; and Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez, Team Lead for Community Development) unanimously agreed that Rev. Stedney Phillips and Camille Araullo were the best applicants to fill this position. We are excited about their vision, passion, and commitment for this work.

Rev. Stedney resides in Louisville, Kentucky USA and has been engaged with MCC since 1985. Currently, she serves as the Lead Pastor of MCC Louisville.

She has a passion for worship, worship design, music, study, and empowering people. Rev. Stedney has been actively involved with MCC at the local to denominational level including MCC Staff – Church Life Specialist with the Office of Church Life and Health, Chair of the Asia Pacific Initiative Steering Team, Executive Confidential Assistant, General Conference staff – Registration Coordinator, Workshop and Affinity Group Coordinator, Development Associate; Interim Pastor, MCC Interim Network Lead, Minister of Celebration Worship & Arts, Music Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Team member of Ordination Interviews, Lay Delegate, Region and District areas of service.

Rev. Stedney enjoys retreats, spending time at the ocean and connecting with family and friends. Her heart is in Long Beach, California where her daughter, Hannah resides.

Camille Rodriguez Araullo was born in the Philippines and has lived in the United States for over 35 years. She worked as the Manager of Volunteer Resources for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the largest LGBTQ social service center in the world. She has an extensive background in managing volunteers. While at the Center for 23 years, worked with homeless youth, senior services, HIV/AIDS awareness teams, public policy and Trans advocacy.

Camille joined MCC in Los Angeles in 2008 and has served in multiple capacities as laity. She continues to be part of the music ministry, the creative team, coordinates the A/V multimedia ministry, and facilitates the Bayanihan bible study group, which comprises a growing community of LGBTQ Filipino Americans of faith who also support the development of LGBTQ faith communities in the Philippines.

She is part of a singing duo, 2gether Blessed, with her partner Jane Syftestad, and has travelled extensively throughout the United States and the Philippines, performing concerts of inclusive gospel music.

She is currently attending her final year in seminary at Claremont School of Theology and serving virtually as a Clergy Intern at MCC Knoxville. Camille is thrilled to be part of the Community Development Team.

Just as the title indicates, this is a big part-time job which will evolve. The tasks include:

  • Develop existing MCC diversity and inclusion affinity working groups further, develop new needed affinity groups, and establish mechanisms for these groups to have voice and give input to planning and key decisions.
  • Work with diversity and inclusion affinity groups and colleagues to develop, implement and measure progress in racial equity, inclusion and diversity at denominational level. This will include working alongside the
  • Commission on Pathways to Healing and Reconciliation.
  • Resource local churches to develop, implement and measure progress in racial equity, inclusion and diversity at a local church level.
  • Work with the LEAD programme to train and equip lay leaders.

MCC’s new Diversity, Inclusion and Laity Development Co-ordinators, Rev. Stedney Phillips and Camille Araullo, are part of the Community Development Team led by Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez.

You may contact Rev. Stedney Phillips at [email protected],
and Camille Araullo at [email protected]
Please join us in welcoming them to the MCC Staff, and collaborating with them as we move forward.

To reach Diversity and Inclusion – [email protected]
To reach Laity Development – [email protected]

New Public Relations and Media Development Contract

We have officially entered into a contract with James Hartman & Associates, who will be working with MCC this year on our general public relations and media development.James Hartman

James Hartman HeadshotA longtime member of MCC, James Hartman is the owner of James Hartman & Associates, a Louisiana (USA)-based communications consulting firm. Having served clients in multiple states, Europe and Africa, James is familiar with the tasks of media relations and with the mission of UFMCC. He currently serves as interim pastor of MCC Baton Rouge. James and his team are excited to join with us. “We look forward to advancing MCC’s mission and brand through aggressive media outreach around the world, and working in partnership with local churches.”

Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, who heads the Resource Development Team which includes the Communications Team, writes: “We are excited about James’ extensive background, experience, and expertise in media development. Our hope is that MCC (denominationally, as well as local MCC leaders, churches, and ministries) will be able to change the narrative that MCC is a ‘best kept secret.’ Combined with our new visitor-based website (, this focus on amplifying our voices on issues of justice and equity around the world should introduce MCC to those who have not yet heard about our good news and good work. James has a passion for MCC and a clear vision of how we can partner together in this endeavor.”

You are asked to help James expand our media reach by sharing your local media contacts with him at [email protected] Please also share the Press Statements that are released with local media and on your websites.

We invite you to send a welcome email to James at [email protected],