Annoucing Governing Board Candidates

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GB Candidates


The Governing Board Nominating Committee joyfully presents the 2022 slate of candidates for the MCC Governing Board.

Lay Candidates

1. Chad C. Hobbs, MCC Tampa, USA

2. Clare Coughlin, Divine Peace MCC, Waterford, MI, USA

3. Leo Rossetti, ICM Rio, Brazil

4. Ivana Warwick, ICM Sao Paulo, Brazil


Clergy Candidates

1. Rev Elder Diane Fisher, MCC of Rehoboth, Rehoboth Beach, USA

2. Rev Doretha Williams-Flournoy, A Church for All, North Highlands, CA, USA

3. Rev Cristopher Joseph San Jose, Open Table MCC, Philippines

4. Rev Beulah Durrheim, Good Hope MCC, South Africa

5. Rev Onetta Brooks, Founders MCCLA, USA

During May and June, candidate photos, biographies, and videos will be made available.  When we meet this July,  the General Conference will elect two clergy persons and two lay persons for terms of six years on the Governing Board.


Following the unavailability of Janet Fitzsimmons during the candidate application stage, the Governing Board appointed Rev. Tijuana Gray of MCC of Topeka, Kansas, USA, to the Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC). Janet played an integral part in the GBNC and her work on the GBNC was greatly appreciated. Thank you Janet.


We would also like to thank  Rev. Stuart Sutherland, Jo-Anne Ludy,  and Rev. Tijuana Gray for their continual work on the GBNC. We keep the GBNC and the candidates in our prayers as we journey to the General Conference.


If you have any questions about the nominating process or the upcoming election please contact the GBNC at [email protected]