Alabama takes giant step backwards

The governor of Alabama (USA) last week signed legislation that provides criminal penalties to physicians who provide gender-affirming care to transgender minors, and church leaders are joining state Rep. Neil Lafferty in objecting.
               Gov. Kay Ivey last week signed a new law that can send doctors to prison for up to 10 years if they provide gender-affirming care – with parental permission – to transgender minors.  Lafferty spoke up when the bill was considered in the state House of Representatives.
               “It’s a priority for us to be getting involved in private family medical decisions that are made with a team of healthcare providers, that are made with the parents centering around the child who are surrounded by a team of healthcare providers, mental health professionals who are guiding them through this process?” Lafferty said during House debate, according to media sources. “You want to think you’re just going to a doc-in-a-box or willy-nilly, just getting prescribed this stuff because somebody just said, hey, this is it. That’s not how being transgender works.”
“It seems as if the State of Alabama goes out of its way to make the lives of the citizens who dwell on the margins of society as difficult as possible,” said Rev. Sara Sills, pastor of Cornerstone Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in Mobile, Alabama. “:We are always lagging behind the wave of social justice. It is very much like we live in a permanent state of backwards thinking. I fail to understand how the choices a family makes regarding the healthcare of their children is subject to legislation. At the very least, modern psychology is supportive of transitional therapy as a suicide preventative for young people who are aware of their gender dysphoria. It is cruel to subject these tender-aged individuals to conform to a world that offers them no affirmation or compassion.”
The MCC denomination, with 140 churches around the world, accepts, affirms and ordains LGBTQ+ persons while professing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has been doing so since 1968.
“Sadly, Alabama’s action is not unique,” said Rev. Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of MCC churches worldwide. “It’s perhaps ironic that on the same day Alabama’s House of Representatives took this action, the Congress of Jalisco, Mexico, cleared the way for transgender persons to more easily obtain new legal documents that reflect their true gender. It’s at least equally dichotomous that conservatives who want parental control over their children’s education are seeking to undermine parental control over their children’s healthcare.”
“We welcome all people to Cornerstone MCC, and to MCC churches around the world,” Sills said. “The state of Alabama should be able to say the same.”
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